Big, Layered and Stacked

Bracelet Stack

Stack the Classic XO with other base metal bracelets for the perfect stack.

In the video below courtesy of Lucky Magazine, Creative Director, Andrea Linett and Associate Market Editor, Jenny Kang, de-mystify the art of how to expertly layer necklaces, how to rock statement sized earrings and how to get that super chic wrist stacked up with bracelets.

Twisted Silver’s designer, Debra Mitchell, is NEVER without (and I mean NEVER!) an armful of bracelets!  Lately, she has not taken off one of her own designs, the Classic XO bracelet stacked with this funky wooden bead bracelet I think she picked up at some street faire years ago.  Deb always has a fresh and edgy style thanks to her eye for layering and contrasting to pull off an effortless sophisticated boho chic. 

Watch the video below.  Like Deb, Andrea and Jenny got it spot on!

video compliments of Lucky Magazine



2 thoughts on “Big, Layered and Stacked

  1. You know….now I’m going to HAVE to order the XO bracelet! I think I need a TS support group. Twisted Silver is like potato chips….Can’t have just one. LOL! =)

  2. I love my XO Bracelet! I cannot even imagine how many times I have worn it. Every time I wear the bracelet I get a compliment. It goes with everything and I love!

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