Fall Trend: Rocker Dedux

Back in February CBS Early Show’s Katrina Szish reported in from NY Fashion Week about the strong, powerful rocker look for fall: boots of all heights, studs and everything leather, leather, leather!

Get the Rocker Redux look with our personal fave, the Capture necklace in blackened brass.  Even if you don’t want to go full-on with the leather motorcycle jacket, you can transform a crisp white top to get the cutting edgy look with Capture.  Better yet, double wrap Capture it and stack it up with the blackened brass Snap Bracelet and your on point for fall…Twisted style!

Capture Necklace

Get the Rocker Look with the Capture Necklace in blackened brass

Snap Bracelet

Snap on a bit of blackened brass



One thought on “Fall Trend: Rocker Dedux

  1. Umm…hello Capture Necklace. It looks like I need to add this awesome necklace to my Twisted Silver wishlist. Although, it seems like that wishlist is never ending, because there is always something new that I am interested in from Twisted.

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