Carrie Socks It To ‘Em!

Carrie Underwood performed with Brad Paisley Tuesday on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ , rockin the most adorable over-the-knee socks!   

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Perform on ABC's Good Morning America

Carrie Socks It To 'Em on Good Morning America

Thigh high socks have definitely made a comeback from their striped 1970’s heyday.  The updates are soft solids – slimmingly neutral — or some seriously daring patterns.  Check out Ozone Socks for more socks to choose from than you ever wanted amd get Carrie’s shapley look.

High Zone Gray Socks

Soft cotton blends mean comfy chic

Hay Plaid Blue Knee Socks

Fun modern update on plaid

Carrie puts a little edge to the look sultry school-girl look with a chain necklace.  Make the look more TWISTED with Twisted Silver’s Button necklace double-wrapped for a vibe that balances between rocker and vintage. 

Button necklace double wrapped

Twisted Silver's Button necklace double-wrapped



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