Celebs Honoring the AMAs Drool Over Twisted Silver

At a gift suite party honoring the American Music Awards, Twisted Silver experienced a whirlwind of music industry, big screen, TV and sport celebs who fell stark raving drooling mad for Twisted Silver!  No lie, crazy cool temptations throughout the suite and where do you think the crowd was?  At the Twisted Silver booth of course! 

Designer, Debra Mitchell says about her experience:

 “The excitement was amazing, and I met so many vibrant people, from the celebs to their stylists and publicists.  I mean, I’ve always known Twisted Silver is addictive, and it was great to see Hollywood’s glittering folk literally crossing the room to ask about the designs… well, I was just speechless.  So fun to style such wonderful people!”  

On the eve of her European tour, pop star Taylor Dayne was cheering for all the chains designs, especially Hardware necklace and Beatnik bracelets connected together for a belt.  She told Deb these WILL be on stage with her and commissioned a few custom pieces to boot!

Deb styles Taylor Dayne for her upcoming tour

Disney’s Suite Life On Deck darling, Debby Ryan and her mom fell hopelessly in love with Twisted Silver too, especially the Peace&Love convertible and the Old World necklace.  She’s had her shoe designer set, and her clothing designer confirmed but never her jewelry designer … until now!

Debby Ryan is Suite Life on Decked out in Twisted!

High School Musical sweetie, KayCee Stroh fell in love with the Wilma bracelet, Knot ring and the Glacier necklace.

High School Musical sweetie rockin Twisted

Morena Baccarin, staring as the strikingly beautiful boss alien, Anna, on ABC’s new hit drama V was enraptured with the Tre necklace and the Belt bracelet.   And rockin drummer Sheila E lit up the room in the Hip Hoop Bling earrings.

Sheila E glowing glam in Hip Hoop earrings

Carnie Wilson, singer and daughter of pop icon and Beach Boy Brian Wilson, rocked the Gypsy and Attitude necklaces and hung out to chat with Deb.  Watch for her new documentary series, Carne Wilson Unstapled that chronicles Carnie Wilson’s efforts to shed “baby weight.”  She might be Twisted.

Carnie Wilson gets an Attitude... necklace

Mindy Sterling, best known for the zany Austin Powers character Frau Farbissina, Dr. Evil’s sidekick, couldn’t get enough of the Gypsy and Tre necklaces.  She was so sweet to send a thank you email (see below) 

From: Mindy Sterling
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 14:08:18 -0800
To: <
Subject: THANK YOU

I received several wonderful pieces from you yesterday, Saturday at the gift fair (whatever you want to call it).  I have gotten so many compliments from just yesterday and last night.  I love this stuff.  Thank you for being so kind to me and my publicist. You really do great work!
Mindy Sterling

Deb and Mindy Stirling really hit it off!

Now that even more Hollywood celebs have had their first taste of Twisted, be on the lookout for more Twisted celeb spottings to come.  Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Celebs Honoring the AMAs Drool Over Twisted Silver

  1. Oh—I am just so thrilled for you guys! Debra, you are truly talented and have a unique vision. You and your team deserve to be in the limelight! So happy to see you there!

    All the best!

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  5. Deb…..so proud of you. Not even surprised the “stars” are loving it too. BYW…love the outfit….let’s go shopping!!!!! I need something to wear with the new twisted silver jewelry my husband is getting me for the holidays!!!!

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