Designer Deb on Fashion MVTV

In beautiful South Beach, Fashion MVTV host, Sixto Javier, interviewed Deb about the origins of Twisted Silver and how American Idol’s Kara Dioguardi rocked the Rocker necklace.  Oh so many Twisted “must haves” on display.  Uh, you might want to grab your wish list and a pencil 🙂

Cage earrings arrive February 2010

Sneak Peeks:

Did ya see the earrings Deb was wearing?  CAGE earrings (above) will land in big statement-making style on February 23.  Also watch for a beautiful redesign of Kara’s Rocker coming to Twisted in Spring 2010

American Idol's Kara rocks the Rocker necklace

Did you spot something drool-worthy in the video?  Comment, comment, comments!


11 thoughts on “Designer Deb on Fashion MVTV

  1. How exciting! I am loving the Cage Earrings that are coming out in February! Something to look forward to. I have the Rocker Necklace, and I love it! It’s amazing to think that a necklace I own has been seen and worn by famous people. 🙂

  2. Always on the lookout for big earrings…. those are AMAZING! How does Twisted Silver keep coming up with ever more designs that are both off-beat and on-trend?

  3. What is that bright ornate piece on the pillow. It’s kind of a square shape? Is that a bracelet or a necklace? At holiday parties I like wearing a simple long sleeve white blouse with some intricate piece of jewelry. That one looks unusual.

  4. Nice interview! That array of Twisted has my eyes poppin’ though. I think I spotted the Cotton Pod pieces (my faves) and there was a zoom in of the KNOT ring that I’m thinking I gotta have.

  5. On the table was a long necklace with big circular hoops? I received a Twisted Silver bracelet years ago from a friend and have been a fan ever since. Very proud to see your success in this video!!!

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