Biggest Loser Chef Devin Alexander’s Deliciously Twisted

Chef Devin Alexander

Chef Devin Alexander, host of Fit TV’s Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander and author of New York Times bestseller, The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook   deliciously wore Twisted Silver’s Texture ring on her recent Healthy Kitchen webisode, “Healthier Fried Food”.

 A vocal veteran in the fight against obesity – without depriving delicious decadence —  Devin has lost 55 pounds herself and has kept it off for more than fifteen years… in style! She’s a frequent guest on The Biggest Loser, The Today Show and Fox News to name a few, always looking stylish.

Slicing potatoes in style with the Texture ring

Watch her video now as she puts a healthy twist on all-time comfort food favorite: fried chicken.  Get a pencil ready, because this Potato Chip Crusted Chicken is YUM!

Texture ring


2 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Chef Devin Alexander’s Deliciously Twisted

  1. Reinventing favorite foods to be healthier choices requires getting a little creative and doing things differently. Isn’t that the same with style in general? One of the reasons I love twisted. trendy without being a marching drone! Love that Devin rocks Twisted (I loved her on the Biggest Loser. You could tell she’d BEEN THERE)

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