What are your RINGS saying about YOU?

There’s no doubt that jewelry says something about your mood-de jour, but check out some  interpretations of what your rings are saying about you based on what finger you wear them.  Peek at the rings on your fingers, then continue on to see if any of this has a ring of truth…


Pinky finger:  Some say a ring on your pinky announces your sultry romantic side, others say it symbolizes the bond with your children and a good home for a mother’s ring (which totally doesn’t explain the man pinky ring ala Mafia dons…but there it is).

Sneak Peek: Sunshine ring,two inches of fire-treated statement arrives December 8

Fourth finger:  The most recognizable, a ring on the left fourth finger means you’re taken – engaged or married.  Why?  Because of the medieval belief that there was an artery from the left fourth finger that led directly to the heart and the perfect spot to symbolize the commitment.  Scientifically erroneous, but yet still a sweet sentiment that still holds true in much of the west (except for Germany where brides choose the right hand for their band… go figure).

Middle finger:  The bad boy of the hand, the middle and tallest finger is associated with force of identity, thus the infamous rude gesture.  BUT a power cell of “self” is really the perfect place for a big statement ring, no?  The Sunshine ring arrives Tuesday, and is simply blazing on the middle finger.

Index finger:   A ring on the index finger indicates leadership and direction.  Try this out for size: point and say, “You! [point] Move this sofa  [point] over there [point]!”  Feels pretty strong, eh? A ring on the index finger intensifies the unmistakable truth of who is in charge.

Thumb: A ring on the thumb means you got yourself some rockin’ opinions.  Thumbs up to approve, or thumbs down to kill it.  Plain bands on thumbs are so rock star (think grasping a microphone, eyes closed, screamin your lungs out!)

Are any of these subconscious meanings ringing any bells?  Maybe.  Or perhaps you wear rings on fingers that are the most comfy?  Click on over to the Twisted Ring Page… and check out the Bling rings (while theylast) on the Outlet Page.

Either way, lets hear from you!



4 thoughts on “What are your RINGS saying about YOU?

  1. I like switching it up and wearing rings on different fingers, the exception being the wedding/engagement ring of course. Interesting break down and interpretations. I can see each of them holding true. 🙂

  2. Love your interpretations of each of the fingers. And love this ring. As a Twisted Insider I already have it. And even though I own and love tons of TS pieces…I must say, I think this is my #1 favorite right now. From the size to the fire-treated finish, it is magnificent!

  3. I love the idea of reclaiming the middle finger by wearing something beautiful! A FASHIONABLE statement instead of a rude one! Twisted Silver can put a twist on anything.

  4. This is so weird, because I occasionally wear a band on my thumb, but now that I look back it’s when I’m feeling really bad-ass. Almost always when I’m wearing my black leather motorcycle jacket. See what the back of our minds do without us really being aware?? LOL

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