Holiday Fire or Ice?

This holiday season, choose your temp with these two new arrivals:

Turn up the heat to a blazing level with SUNSHINE, the simply stunning new statement ring from Twisted Silver.  Bask in the ornate styling and gorgeous fire-treated raw brass sunburst of a cocktail ring gone Twisted.  Sunshine is hot with wardrobe stylists on Urban Darling and with high fashion photographer Monet Kittrell. And stop by Daily Diva Dish to read one seriously glowing review!

Sunshine makes a statement

Or take it to a frosty place: pop on a pair of the newly redesigned GLACIER earrings.  Capture the feel of a vintage winter holiday with brilliant Swarovski crystals and Victorian inspired antiqued silver patterns. Small (by Twisted standards) delicate and elegant, this pair is the perfect accent for holiday finery… but easily at home with casual denim year round! See what the Fashionable Housewife has to say about the Glacier earrings.

Glacier adds a vintage touch

Either way, hot or chillin’,  you’re gonna get asked!



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