Deb Dishes on Easy Holiday Style

Deb loves all things vintage to create fresh looks in a snap.

This holiday season, we’re busier than ever and our wallets a tad more pinched.  Ah, but creating – or tweaking — your own personal style is snap!  We caught up with Twisted Silver owner/designer, Debra Mitchell, so she could dish on her views of style for the holiday season…

T.T:  Can you share some of your wardrobe basics that will take you through the holiday season?

D.M: I’m practically living in black leggings, with tall flat black riding boots.  I have this black MurMur Tunic with hints of rhinestones, a long brown ruffled sweater, and lots of fun vintage vests to create fresh looks in a snap.  Bold jewelry, and mixing up different necklace layers are my go-to for easy chic in a snap.  I’m never without my all- time favorite ORBIT earrings, and Sunshine ring.

T.T:  Everyone knows your love for everything vintage.  Give us the scoop on how to incorporate a vintage vibe into holiday cheer.

D.M: My style is the vintage hippy ballerina so I try to pull in something with that vibe no matter how I am dressed. That twist does not allow me to look 100% crispy brand new.  As with my jewelry designs, I am compelled to add something to my look that is a throwback.  I have a great collection of vintage pins to attach to a slouchy knit hat.  Then there’s 60’s era pumps, retro jackets, a faux fur shawl wrapped as a scarf, a distressed black leather jacket, a long string of pearls.  All of these things do the trick….for me at least!

Orbit earrings rarely leave Deb's ears!

T.T:  What are your hands-down DON’TS for this season?

D.M: Oh, my mantra NO MATCHY MATCHY!  Especially earrings and necklaces!  Look for contrast and mixed metals.  You don’t have to be constrained by some old rules of symmetry.   Go eclectic and gathered, that is the key to looking current!

T.T: What are some fashion short cuts do you find yourself using to stay on-trend and current?

D.M: The same outfit can take on a totally fresh look with a bold piece of jewelry, or wearing your jewelry a new way.   A basic-wear-every-day-outfit with multiple layers of chain/beads-updates.   Double wrapping long necklaces into chokers, chokers wrapped for bracelets, or even chain bracelets linked together for chokers-updates.  I think accessorizing correctly is the key here, and it’s often only as far away as your jewelry box.

T.T: Economic times are still tough.  Tell us your thoughts on staying chic on a budget.

D.M: Right now the look is not about the “THE latest collection” as much as “HOW to coordinate”  I tell this to people all the time: grab a couple of magazines like In-Style or Lucky and go through your closet. It’s like having your own personal stylist! You will find similar looks using or modifying what you already have.  Then head over, with magazines in hand,  to get those few basic IT pieces – inexpensively- at fashion forward stores like H&M, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and even Target.  Then off to a cool thrift store for any one of a kind pieces still missing.    A chic, personal style is really accessible.

T.T.  Thanks, Deb, for taking a few moments during the craziest time of year to share your thoughts.

So folks, do ya feel inspired?  What are some of your must-have holiday wardrobe and accessory pieces?



7 thoughts on “Deb Dishes on Easy Holiday Style

  1. Deb, I love your style! I can totally see the “you” in your designs. I too live in boots and leggings. Simplicity enhanced by attitude!

  2. I can see why Deb loves the Orbit earrings so much! They make me smile. I’m in serious need of finding more leggings. I’ve been craving sweater dresses, t-shirt dresses, tunics, and leggings with boots lately. 🙂 Great interview!

  3. i am all over the fingerless glove trend. Warm and practical, but kinda kick ass like 80’s updated. Being able to text is a thing not to live without too. Opera length ones are scrumptious!

  4. Enjoyed the interview! Just had to comment. I have a few Twisted Silver pieces and when I where them, I feel like I’m really forward and chic, yet not too big for my britches. Reading this interview, I can see that’s probably how Deb is. Like the comment above, I can see how Deb’s personality shines thru in the jewelry. Well played, Twisted!

  5. I wear leggings everyday too, they’re just perfect! I am loving long chains with some outrageous or unusual charms. They can perk up an otherwise bland or ordinary outfit. Had fun reading through the interview!
    – Kaith

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