Twisted Does Scarves

This week’s record-breaking cold snap — snow in the Bay Area?? — had the Twisted staff cryin’ like babies.  Yeah, we heard all the pish-shaws from Twitter followers in cold states, but we California girls just were thrown for an icy loop!  For about a day.  Then we really had fun with SCARVES!  Knits are THE winter trend and paired with the right Twisted pieces… ah, so perfect!

Twisted tips:

If you go with wearing your scarf long, make a statement with some big earrings.  Ear statements and knits at the neck are a match made in heaven!  Because knits ring a vintage chord with us, our pick are the Hepburn earrings. 

Hepburn earrings are beautiful with long scarves

If you wear your scarf wrapped around your neck, forego the earrings for a bracelet stack or a statement ring to achieve visual balance.  Our pick is the Vibe ring.

Go with the Vibe ring with you neck wrap

Now on to the how-to’s of scarf tying.  Watch the Time Out Chicago video below and see how Amy Salinger, nationally recognized fashion stylist, ties a few on for quick and easy style (love her sense of humor too!).  No reason why chic can’t be warm and snuggly too, right? 

Time to go dig out a few scarves and get creative!



5 thoughts on “Twisted Does Scarves

  1. Really like the half bow scarf tie. Probably going to be practicing that one in front of the mirror! Like the balancing with a big ring idea too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a drawerful of scarves and always just sort of flung them on. I have style options I never knew I had! Thanks for the video. Oh, and snow for SF people is really a big cold deal, so your cryin’ was understandable. This from a Canadian who now lives in the Bay Area and can no longer handle the cold!

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