Wrap It Up, I’ll Take it

Pure Jill Inspiration Wrap

How much do you love wrap sweaters?  They’re everywhere and I have to say they are so flattering on any figure.  Super practical too: the perfect layer that’s thin enough to not bulk your outer wear, yet comfortably warm indoors.

Twisted Tips:

If you have a slender waist, try tying the ends in front or to the side to highlight curves.  Or add a chain belt like the XO Belt ON TOP the wrap slung low on your hips as a double-take-worthy statement.

Twisted Silver's XO Belt's a show stopper

If you want to de-emphasize your middle, choose wraps that have a diagonal front cut, secured low with an interesting pin.  The beautiful drape will create a skimming and lengthening effect.  Choose necklaces that are just long enough to reach your narrowest part to visually create the illusion of a waist.  Connect a few chain necklaces – like Instinct Tag – to get the right length with a rockin’ edge.

Connect two (or three) Instinct Tag necklaces for a rockin' long chain!

Enjoy Crissy Michelle’s closet fashion show of some of her bargain wraps found at TJ Maxx.  Love the big band music too (especially if your ears are still ringing from yesterday’s Twisted Sister video post!!)  Follow Crissy on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel for lots of beauty tips.



5 thoughts on “Wrap It Up, I’ll Take it

  1. I’m wondering if I could pull off a belt on top of my wrap sweater. It’s a maybe for sure! Thanks for the reminder and the video. I love them too.

  2. This is one trend that is fashionably accessible to so many figures and at so many price points. I found wrap sweaters as low as $9 at Ross, on up through the hundreds at Nordstrom. Thanks for spotlighting a wearable trend, and for the jewelry glitzing tips!

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