Disney’s A Christmas Carol Sammi Hanratty Rocks Twisted

Sammi Hanratty and Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell

During the school break, take the whole family out to see Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Flixster reviewers are giving it 4 ½ stars).  Be sure to listen for Sammi Hanratty, the voice of the beggar boy, the young Cratchit girl and the Want Girl.  Sammi, who is as talented as she is adorable, was recently styled by Twisted designer, Deb Mitchell. 

Proving no one is too young to get Twisted, Sammi fell for the whole line, especially the Diva choker layered with the Fusion necklace.   Is she as sweet as she looks?  Deb says so!

“Sammi is so genuine.  Her mom is too, and said that from day one Sammi made instant friends.  It’s her heart that drives her work, and that’s a star-making combo”

No stranger to the camera, Sammi has had roles on hit TV shows such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, iCarly, and Pushing Daisies and dozens of commercials.  She’s taken on the leading role in an upcoming film, The Greening of Whitney Brown and co-starring in The Lost Medallion: Adventures of Billy Stone.  She’s one rising star to watch!

Sammi took home the Diva choker...

...and she layered it with the Fusion necklace.


4 thoughts on “Disney’s A Christmas Carol Sammi Hanratty Rocks Twisted

  1. Oh, she was the younger Chuck in the flashbacks on Pushing Daisies! miss that show. Good luck to both Sammi and Twisted in future endeavors. Both have star written all over!

  2. Sammi Hanratty just Tweeted about Twisted. She’s so sweet!

    u have to check out Twisted Silver. I love it!! The pieces and fun and unique. Everyone asks were i got them!! Thanks Deb! @twistedrocks

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