GRAMMY Throwdown: Who’s More Twisted, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift?

I’m pretty sure that there has never been, in the history of the GRAMMYS two nominees further apart on the fashion scale than Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.  Both artists will go to head-to-head (bleached spiky to soft curls!) in hopes of taking home Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year…. and practically every other category except Best Country Something.

As Twisted Silver’s designer, Deb Mitchell, is getting herself and her trend-setting jewelry ready to dazzle stars at the GRAMMY MusiCares event this weekend, which nominee do you think is more likely to wear Twisted Silver, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift?

Post your comment vote!

Would Lady Gaga rock Twisted Silver?

... or would Taylor Swift be more Twisted?



Heartbreaker for Boho Valentines

Heartbreaker: A cracked agate heart on a suede cord

Arriving today —  just in time for Valentine’s Day —  is a necklace that will cause boho-hippie chicks to fall hard in love: The Heartbreaker necklace is a cracked agate heart on long, soft suede cord.  Watch fashion take a sophisticated step toward Woodstock!

Style editor Tammy at A Mom in Red High Heels says, “this necklace makes the perfect Valentine’s Day statement.  It’s fresh, modern and compliment worthy.  You won’t get any funny looks the way you would if you wore that ugly heart sweater your confused husband gave you three years ago!”

Heartbreaker is now available for $50 at the Twisted Online Store and at fashion forward boutiques nationwide.  Tell the men in your life that you’ll be heartbroken without it 🙂

Heartbreaker is sophisticated boho at its best


Twisted Silver Takes a Seat Among Stars at the Annual GRAMMY MusiCares Gala

Press Release:

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2010 — Once again the sought after Twisted Silver jewelry by designer Deb Mitchell ( has been invited to take a seat among music elite at the annual GRAMMY MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Neil Young on January 29 in Los Angeles.

The MusiCares Person of the Year event, a most prestigious gala held during GRAMMY Week, benefits GRAMMY MusiCares, an organization that ensures musicians have a place to turn to in times of financial, medical and personal need.

The star-studded performers at the gala include Lucinda Williams, Jack Black, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sheryl Crow, Everest, Patty Griffin, Josh Groban, Emmylou Harris, Elton John, Norah Jones, Lady Antebellum, K.D. Lang, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Ozomatli, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Taylor, and Wilco.

Attending celebs will be indulged with a Twisted Silver Peace & Love convertible and earrings, personally customized by Debra Mitchell exclusively for this event.

GRAMMY gala celebs will receive Peace & Love convertible

GRAMMY gala celebs to receive Peace & Love earrings

Twisted Silver has been included in this worthy cause since 2005. Debra Mitchell says, “This is the quintessential GRAMMY Insiders event, performing for and honoring one of their established own, and all supporting their worthy philanthropy. What could be better? I am honored.”

Debra Mitchell, the creative mastermind behind Twisted Silver’s distinctive and edgy jewelry line, anticipates this being especially memorable, since she will personally be seated among the elite with tickets given to her from the GRAMMY MusiCares organizers. She says, “They are such gracious hosts. They love Twisted Silver, and we love to support them. To have my designs seen and worn by the music elite while raising money for MusiCares is truly a phenomenal delight that I’m proud to be associated with.”

About Twisted Silver:
Twisted Silver is the playground for trailblazing jewelry designer, Debra Mitchell, that has set boutiques nationwide and the blogging world a buzz! Fashion mavens from soccer moms to the Hollywood elite … like Maria Shriver, Nicolette Sheridan and American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi are head-over-heels for these personality amplifying designs.

Thumbing an irreverent nose at conventional rules, Twisted designs are fashion forward uber hip creations in base metal, often asymmetrical, always off-beat.. Wear Twisted , but be prepared. You’re gonna get asked!

Twisted Silver can be found online and funky boutiques nationwide:
Ph. 1-888 463 3389 Twisted Blog:
Media Inquiries: Tina Gregory



Style Tip: Connect Bracelets to Make a Necklace

Connect the XO Brass bracelet to the Phatty bracelet

Winter’s still got us all in its icy grip (or wet soggy grip?) and if you’re like me, you’re getting sick to death of your same old cold-weather wardrobe.  Are ya feelin’ it?  Good thing Twisted has a style tip that will be like rubbing those paddles together and going “zzzzzzzzzzzzppp!!!” to your January look.  Check it:

Connect two or more bracelets to wear as a (wait for it…..) a NECKLACE!

I know, you’ve never heard of such a thing.  But trust, you’ll pull off a trend-setting look that is distinctive enough to cause some serious double-takes.  Not to mention your favorite bracelets will be unrecognizable, getting extra wear in a chic new way.  Your friends will be all, “Oh, cool new necklace!” and you’ll be all acting surprised, “What? This?” but really inside you’ll be super chic-satisfied.  Right?

My fave picks are the XO Brass bracelet and the Phatty bracelet.  The brass construction creates a seamless line, and the designs are opposing yet still balanced. Can you love it more?  Give it a shot.  Pull out your bracelets and have a little fun.  What about connecting 3 or 4 chain bracelets for long opera length necklace?

Give the bracelets-to-necklace tip a try, but be prepared: your gonna get asked.


Twisted Silver Miss Behaves with Jillian Clare

Leading star, Jillian Clare in her role as Tori, and her co-stars are wearing Twisted Silver in the upcoming web series, Miss Behave.  The teen drama featuring real issues, real consequences and real teens started filming season one Saturday. Judging from a few behind-the-scenes shots, we already love the look! Check out how the girls own the Trinket and Instinct Chic  necklaces:

Jillian Clare as "Tori" on Miss Behave TV rockin' the Trinket necklace

Miss Behave TV's Danielle rockin' Instinct Chic necklace in antiqued silver

Miss Behave summary: For the past few years the Archer children have come to expect very little from their parents. Growing up with mega-successful parents, William (a famous author) and Elizabeth (Hollywood’s publicist to the stars) the siblings both have bitter attitudes and something to hide. Sixteen year old Tori has two sets of friends, therefore two sets of problems, two sets of mistakes, and most importantly, circles of lies. She has a heart of gold, and knows right from wrong, but succumbs to peer pressure and consistently makes poor choices that cause irrepressible situations and problems.

Stay tuned for more Twisted Miss Behaving…


J Lo’s Elle Cover Bracelet Stack

Uh, hello, did you see J Lo’s silver bracelet stack on the Feb 2010 issue of Elle?  Matched with big ole statement hoops…… YES!!

Get J Lo's look Twisted Style


Get the Twisted version of her look with Flatiron and Beatnik bracelets and Twisted Hoops.

Flatiron bracelet

Beatnik bracelet

Twisted Hoops

How are you rockin’ the bracelet stack trend?


Socket Bracelet Sneak Peek

Socket Bracelet arrives Tuesday. $50

There are still five more pieces to launch in the SALVAGE line, and Tuesday the Socket bracelet arrives. A Twisted Staff pick, Socket is SALVAGED from the workbench .  This curious bracelet transforms a utilitarian part — an antiqued finished brass socket —  into a fashion piece that works with style to spare.  We’re talking the perfect stacking bracelet to create crazy interest.  It’s narrow enough to layer up with other brass bracelets or even copper or leather to rock a sort of industrial chic vibe. 

 (right this very minute, as I type, I have Socket on my left wrist along with Tapestry and Athena and it’s so cool it’s hard to concentrate on writing this blog post because I keep looking at my bracelets.  But I digress…)

Chloe, accessories editor for Spledicity  has been lovin on Socket for its “sleek equestrian vibe with a funkier edge of chain”  She discovered it’s stylish enough for a dressy top or with cozy sweaters.

Corinne, personal stylist and founder of Urban Darling, is also drawn to Socket, especially that old parts have been given new life in a chic way.

Style Tip: Stack Socket with other small bracelets and bangles, especially the Cutie bangle and Belt bracelet.  You will create a double-take reaction where everyone will grab your arm and go, “Whoa, that’s cool… what is it??”

Put Socket bracelet on your gotta-have list.  But be prepared. People are gonna ask.

Socket is Workbench Chic


Look of the Week: Embrace Brass

Brass is so beautiful, changing with air, moisture, time. Brass plays well with so many skin tones and styles, and is far cheaper from haughty metals. Brass has ATTITUDE worthy of a Look of the Week.

Featured in this set: Tapestry bracelet, Belt bracelet, Cutie bangle, Motif earrings, Knot ring, Flare ring accent the sequin boyfriend blazer and tattoo inspired tunic.

Embrace Brass



Heirloom Arrives Tomorrow: Vintage Meets Rocker

When Vintage meets Rocker

The new Heirloom earrings arrive tomorrow and it’s going to be kinda like discovering a vintage treasure way in the back of your grandmother’s closet.  That is until you take a second look and notice the edgy attitude super perfect for the style of the second.

But I get ahead of myself.  Let me take you back to a little bit of history on this design:

Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell, is a creative machine.  I’m not joking, it’s like these fashionable ideas take seed in her head and just simply must come out or else she’ll go stark-raving bonkers.  Sometimes it’s not for the line at all, but she gets a new outfit and before you know it she pulls a part from here, a piece from there and like magic she has the absolute perfect pair of earrings for her own personal use.  Yeah, that’s what happened with Heirloom. 

So when she wore her insta-creation one day at Twisted HQ, the staff were like cats zoning in on a moving string and not one of us could remember ANYTHING she just said.  The meeting utterly de-railed, we selfishly pouted until she made us each pairs.  We all wore them, loved them, and every where we went people ASKED.  The sensation was so crazy, she agreed to put them into the line.  And are you not glad she did??

There is just something about the copper and brass contrasting with the delicate movement of chain that creates a vintage-gone-rocker vibe.  They are so lightweight you’ll find yourself wearing them practically every day.

Style Tip: Push the contrast of raw vs. femininity further by pairing Heirloom earrings  with the Rocker Earth necklace.

Pair Heirloom earrings with Rocker Earth necklace

Bloggers Buzzing:  See how Heather at  Fabulous Fun Finds is dealing with the “envy glares” after wearing Heirloom earrings for a whole month!

Join the Conversation:   Share how you’d rock Heirloom.  What would you wear, and what would you pair?  Comment!


Blog Spotlight: Closet of Style

"Accessories pull you together... they pull everything together."

Catherine Horgan of Closet of Style has an long-time and on-going love affair with everything stylish, a passion that fuels her mission to help clients identify and confidently express their own personal style.  Her constant quest to find alternative ways to accessorize, her love of vintage accents and her desire to create signature looks for her clients make her oh so Twisted!  Stop by her blog and flip through [my] style files  for sound advice and inspiration in your journey to create — or re-create — your individual thing.

You’re gonna love her use of scarves and belts in the video below. Chain belts are bold statement makers, so the Twisted Silver  version would include the XO Belt over a wrap scarf.  As Catherine says, “accessories pull you together… they pull everything together.” Simply couldn’t agree more.  Well played, Catherine!

XO Belt is a statement-maker