Sheila E’s Glorious in Statement Earrings

Sheila E in Hip Hoop Bling earrings

If Sheila E is best known for drumming with Ringo Starr and His All Star Band as well as Prince, her signature style of wearing glamorous statement earrings is doubly so.  Big, glittering hoops are totally her, so when she met with Twisted Silver’s designer, Deb, she naturally zoned right in on the Hip Hoop Bling among others. Sheila and Deb hit it off famously! Watch for Sheila rocking Twisted in the future.

The magic of statement earrings is that they instantly transform your look.  No need for necklaces with that kind of drama.  Bracelets and rings maybe, but honestly sometimes dramatic ears are really all a gal needs.  And Sheila E proves it with her beautiful style.

Sheila E. was the winning  contestant on CMT’s third season of Gone Country and absolutely  stole the show with her  song Glorious Train.  The song has been in pleasantly in  my head all day… but check out her EARRINGS — glorious she most certainly is!



2 thoughts on “Sheila E’s Glorious in Statement Earrings

  1. I’ve been a fan for years! Sheila E is so beautiful and glamorous on the inside as well as the outside. In addition to her musical talent, she’s a woman of faith and spends a large quantity of her time and money on charity. Very proud to see her “Twisted” as well. Yes, those Hip Hoop Bling are very Sheila.

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