Twisted Silver Miss Behaves with Jillian Clare

Leading star, Jillian Clare in her role as Tori, and her co-stars are wearing Twisted Silver in the upcoming web series, Miss Behave.  The teen drama featuring real issues, real consequences and real teens started filming season one Saturday. Judging from a few behind-the-scenes shots, we already love the look! Check out how the girls own the Trinket and Instinct Chic  necklaces:

Jillian Clare as "Tori" on Miss Behave TV rockin' the Trinket necklace

Miss Behave TV's Danielle rockin' Instinct Chic necklace in antiqued silver

Miss Behave summary: For the past few years the Archer children have come to expect very little from their parents. Growing up with mega-successful parents, William (a famous author) and Elizabeth (Hollywood’s publicist to the stars) the siblings both have bitter attitudes and something to hide. Sixteen year old Tori has two sets of friends, therefore two sets of problems, two sets of mistakes, and most importantly, circles of lies. She has a heart of gold, and knows right from wrong, but succumbs to peer pressure and consistently makes poor choices that cause irrepressible situations and problems.

Stay tuned for more Twisted Miss Behaving…



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