Style Tip: Connect Bracelets to Make a Necklace

Connect the XO Brass bracelet to the Phatty bracelet

Winter’s still got us all in its icy grip (or wet soggy grip?) and if you’re like me, you’re getting sick to death of your same old cold-weather wardrobe.  Are ya feelin’ it?  Good thing Twisted has a style tip that will be like rubbing those paddles together and going “zzzzzzzzzzzzppp!!!” to your January look.  Check it:

Connect two or more bracelets to wear as a (wait for it…..) a NECKLACE!

I know, you’ve never heard of such a thing.  But trust, you’ll pull off a trend-setting look that is distinctive enough to cause some serious double-takes.  Not to mention your favorite bracelets will be unrecognizable, getting extra wear in a chic new way.  Your friends will be all, “Oh, cool new necklace!” and you’ll be all acting surprised, “What? This?” but really inside you’ll be super chic-satisfied.  Right?

My fave picks are the XO Brass bracelet and the Phatty bracelet.  The brass construction creates a seamless line, and the designs are opposing yet still balanced. Can you love it more?  Give it a shot.  Pull out your bracelets and have a little fun.  What about connecting 3 or 4 chain bracelets for long opera length necklace?

Give the bracelets-to-necklace tip a try, but be prepared: your gonna get asked.



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