Valentine’s Day 30% Off Gift Guide

Valentine flowers die. Candy makes our pants too tight. Twisted Silver ROCKS!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and let’s face it: some of the wonderful guys in our lives just need a little help in the gift-giving department.  No lie, a friend unwrapped AN IRON her darling husband thought would light up her face on their wedding anniversary.  Maybe your sweetie isn’t that bad, but a little nudge in the right chic direction wouldn’t hurt, am I right?

So here’s the deal.  You know Twisted Silver rarely has sales, BUT getting an iron (or worse) as a Valentine’s Day gift is just too tragic for us to bear.  As a gift to YOU, we have a two-day only sale to pass on TO HIM.

Forward this link to him.  Tell him go to Twisted Silver on Saturday or Sunday and use coupon code VALENTINE to get 30% off the regular price of any of the six lovely adornments below.  Oh, and gift boxes are free and so is shipping on orders over $100.  How’s that for making it easy for him, and stylish for you?   Sale valid February 6th through February 7th only, so get nudging!

Wish your Valentine peace and love with Twisted Silver's Peace&Love bracelet.

One of Twisted Silver's newest designs, the Heartbreaker is a fresh update on the classic Valentine heart.

A city chic and brassy way to remember hugs and kisses, Twisted Silver's XO necklace is a Valentine's day head-turner.

Beautiful boho-chic, Twisted Silver's Serenity earrings will delight long after Valentine's Day.

What good is Valentine's Day with out romance? Charm her with Twisted Silver's Romance Bracelet.

Hip Hoop Bling by Twisted Silver will put a sparkle in your Valentine's eyes.



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