XO Earrings: An Edgy Classic

The XO Earrings are one of designer Deb Mitchell's every-day pairs.

Twisted Silver’s XO design has been a fashion trailblazer, setting the trend to an edge just enough off the classic to be unique.  The Classic XO bracelet, a fan fave and top seller, has firmly planted itself as a basic personal style piece that will go the distance for years to come.   The XO Brass Opera, Necklace, Choker and Bracelet gained instant attention as must-have city-chic pieces.

Now at long last, the design that has captured approving glances from sylistas everywhere, arrives as earrings on February 9th.

XO Earrings in brass

XO Earrings in copper

Available in copper or brass, the XO Earrings are the modern twist on the classic hoops.  Like ordinary hoops, they enhance absolutely every occasion: from casual t-shirt and jeans, to more dressy affairs.  Unlike ordinary hoops, the structure and design echo of tougher things — an equestrian tack room or an architecture piece — without being overly heavy on the ears.  It’s that walking the line between the conventional and the irreverent that make the XO Earrings so, well, Twisted.

Bloggers are Buzzing:

Heather at  Fabulous Fun Finds says, ” These earrings compliment my stack of bracelets that I wear on a daily basis.”

Sarah at Fashionable Housewife says, “These dangling circles are my new favorite go-to pair for daily wear.”

Angie at Seven Clown took some very hip shots wearing XO Earrings at Warner Bros Studios; her model said, “I paired them with a tee shirt and chunky sweater and they completed the look so amazingly, then I tried them with a swanky black top with heels and it was just as fabulous.”

Let us know how you’d rock XO Earrings.  Brass or Copper? With what outfit?



9 thoughts on “XO Earrings: An Edgy Classic

  1. I love how versatile these earrings are. You have so many great pieces that would definitely be considered classics!

    Angie sent me over. Thanks for sponsoring her review and giveaway.

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