Pack Your Bags for a Renegade Trip…

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Pack your bags and throw them in the car.  You’re going on a RENEGADE TRIP, the new line of you’re-gonna-get-asked jewelry by Twisted Silver!

Ever have one of those crazy cross country road trip with friends?  The kind before GPS where you got lost more than you care to admit, but ended up in these interesting off-the-beaten-path places full of character?  You found yourselves popping into antique stores, boutiques and road-side artisans stands along the way, collecting unique pieces rich with local attitude.  Bangles, scarves, straw hats, wrap skirts, layers of necklaces and strappy sandals…  By the time you made your way back home — sun kissed and a little more cosmopolitan — you had a fresh new look not a soul in the world could replicate.  You wove your new finds into your fashion, creating a signature style that was all yours, steeped in the memories of your wild and crazy ride. That’s the spirit of Twisted Silver’s new line, RENEGADE TRIP arriving this March through 2011.

Watch for designs with the feel of a collection of little accents from a variety of inspirations, from cosmo sophistication to the natural world.  Bold and chunky statements are still a pillar of Twisted, but watch for a departure to the delicate side in the new pieces: multi-layers of dainty chain, small touches of interest.

The RENEGADE TRIP will be a fashion excursion spanning the seasons.  The designs will trickle in a couple of pieces each month, like surprise postcards from chic locales, from March 2010 well into 2011.  As you weave in these new RENEGADE TRIP designs with Twisted classic pieces and your favorite timeless accessories, your course is set. Destination: signature personal style.



4 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags for a Renegade Trip…

  1. Really, how does she do it, designing new stuff that is so amazing? Every single piece on the Twisted Silver website I really fall madly in love with. I could see myself wearing variations of something Twisted with every single outfit I own.

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