Can You Have Too Many Shoes or Earrings?

I’m pretty sure that you simply can’t have too many shoes or earrings.  Both always fit.  Both always add that finishing touch of style that adds the defining note to your look.  It’s like you go, “Hmm, is today an edgy or sophisticated kind of day?” and depending on your accessory choice, BOOM there it is!

Since you won’t find any shoes being designed at Twisted Silver, we got your ears so covered, and at amazing Outlet prices to boot.  Let us peruse, shall we, the  possibilities:

New to the Outlet are the Lithe earrings (above), perhaps THE lightest weight earrings you’ll ever wear in your existence.   You won’t even know they are on your ears, but everyone else will.  It is the perfect simplicity that catches the eye.  Wear Lithe earrings with multiple layers of necklaces or with a scarf.  They will enhance and not overpower your neck drama. Originally $30, now $18

You’ll also find the Bling earrings (above), for when you need to add a skosh of sparkle.  You know the kind of day I’m talking about.  Those cloudy, dreary, I-really-don’t-want-to kind of days.  A little bling really goes a long way to improve a mood AND a look.  A beautiful accent with all neutrals at the office, at a party or on the weekend. Originally $25, now $15

See more chic earrings on the Twisted Silver Outlet, because especially at these prices you really CAN’T have too many!



2 thoughts on “Can You Have Too Many Shoes or Earrings?

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