Mýa Rocks Twisted at Rock Media’s Fashion Week

Twisted Silver is proud to welcome Mýa, R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, model (and 2009 Dancing with the Stars contestant) as our newest Twisted celebrity. Mýa was seen TWISTED at Rock Media’s Fashion Week at the luxurious Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach.

Mýa looked stunning in red at the Elle Magazine photo shoot at Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in Miami.  Her glamour was beautifully complimented by Twisted Silver’s Wilma bracelet and Vibe ring. (Elle Magazine info to come)

She was later spotted at The 25th annual Winter Music Conference in Miami, the largest dance and electronic music festival in the world.  So Fresh and beautiful at The Alize Oasis Lounge,  wearing the 7 Bracelet by Twisted Silver.

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Most Likely to be Twisted: Charlize Theron or Jennifer Garner?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=american+cinematheque+matt+damon&iid=8360011″ src=”6/8/d/6/Matt_Damon_and_f50d.jpg?adImageId=11858587&imageId=8360011″ width=”234″ height=”346″ /]

24th American Cinematheque Award gala honoring Matt Damon truly sparkled with stars.  At the event, exclusive Twisted Silver designs were included in gift bags that were placed in limos of VIPs and celebs the likes of Ben Affleck, Robin Williams, Jimmy Kimmel, Clint Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Sarah Silverman and Jennifer Garner.

Watch newsstands for OK Magazine and enter to win a celebrity autographed gift bag from the event.  Watch EXTRA on TV for video clips of the gift bags and how to enter to win a bag.

Out of the A List stars at the gala, which do YOU think will be most likely to be seen first in Twisted?

Actress,  Charlize Theron

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=american+cinematheque+matt+damon&iid=8359953″ src=”c/c/f/1/24th_Annual_American_5f7a.jpg?adImageId=11858113&imageId=8359953″ width=”234″ height=”274″ /]

Actress, Jennifer Garner

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=american+cinematheque+matt+damon&iid=8359167″ src=”b/3/e/7/24th_Annual_American_484c.jpg?adImageId=11859037&imageId=8359167″ width=”234″ height=”348″ /]

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Luck Would Have It…

Luck Bracelet arrives Tuesday, 3/30/10

… or more like YOU would have Luck!

The Luck bracelet arrives to Twisted Silver on Tuesday.  Inspired by a RENEGADE TRIP through the scenic byways of Lexington, Kentucky, Luck has an elegant equestrian feel you won’t want to stop touching.

Utterly unusual and chic, Luck’s antiqued silver textured rope is shaped in a horseshoe, and rests ON TOP the wrist, fastening on the underside.  It just FEELS like good luck!

Renowned stylist, Corinne Phipps, at Urban Darling says Luck will make you the “most stylish in the room and the most envied”

Fashion diva, Piper Larson, at Daily Diva Dish, warns that you should “be prepared for questions and requests from friends to try it on.”

Couldn’t you use a little Luck?


Twisted Silver at the American Cinematheque Gala Honoring Matt Damon

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=matt+damon&iid=8198905″ src=”c/6/d/7/82nd_Annual_Academy_2798.jpg?adImageId=11681884&imageId=8198905″ width=”234″ height=”352″ /]

On March 27th a star-studded list of celebrities will gather at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to honor Matt Damon at the 24th American Cinematheque Award gala…

…and exclusive Twisted Silver designs will be among the lavish gift bag assortment.

Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Garner, Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Kinnear, Sarah Silverman, Charlize Theron, Robin Williams and more are among the a-list group of celebrities expected to receive gift bags at the celebration.

The American Cinematheque Award is presented annually to an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture and is a mid-career achievement honor. Proceeds from the event go towards the year round operation of the American Cinematheque’s public programming at the Egyptian and Aero Theatres in Los Angeles. (broadwayworld.com)

ABC will broadcast the award show at a later date.  Maybe we’ll spot Twisted on the likes of Jennifer Gardner or Sarah Silverman?


Excited About Spa Week April 12-18?

The Twisted Staff is all a-flutter.  Why you ask?  Two words: SPA WEEK!

The week of April 12-18, 2010, exclusive day and resort spas all over North America will offer luxurious full-service spa treatments for just $50.  Hot stone massages, avocado facial masks, sugar scrubs, steam saunas, foot reflexology… oh the list just goes on and on.

Can we all sigh in the anticipation of pampering?

Register for free here to get a list of participating spas in your area.  Then plan a girls day spa crawl, because these prices will never be lower.  And face it, you deserve it!  What a great way to start any RENEGADE TRIP…

P.S Thanks, A Mom in Red High Heels, for the tip!


Style Tip: Covert Bracelets to NECKLACES

Is that a new choker? Yes!

If you’re like me, the transitional seasons can be annoying.  The spring fashions are calling my name, but the weather just isn’t cooperating, and I’m bored nearly to tears with my winter looks.

If your personal style needs to call 911, go ahead and rub the paddles together, shout “CLEAR” and revitalize your personal style in pinch by connecting two bracelets together to create a truly unique choker.

Pictured here, the XO Brass bracelet joined with the Phatty bracelet are a perfect shake up.  Talk about a way to get more look-millage out of your jewelry!

Try this style tip to zap a little life into your season transition, but beware!  You’re GONNA get asked!


Renegade Trip Winner!

Thank you to all who commented with your crazy Renegade Trip stories.  Yes, that is EXACTLY the feel of the new line of gonna-get-asked jewelry by Twisted Silver.  Isn’t it amazing how one fashion find can open the memory floodgates?

As for the winner of the contest, maybe it was the faux leopard print cuff blazer, or maybe it was just the fact that she bought Abba’s Greatest Hits and “Dancing Queen” became firmly stuck in our heads for at least a week.  Shellie, congrats, you’re the winner!  Enjoy your Fusion, Instinct Chic and Instinct Pulse necklaces.  We know you’ll wear it well. (read her story here)


Twisted at the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Premiere

Tania Gunadi rocked the Twisted Rocker and the Classic XO bracelet at the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon yesterday… just proving that both designs are natural with jeans, but can be dressed up to go to a premier!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tania+gunadi&iid=8314465″ src=”2/d/3/9/Photo_by_REWestcomStarmaxinccom_3a46.JPG?adImageId=11561909&imageId=8314465″ width=”234″ height=”376″ /]

How To Train Your Dragon Los Angeles Premiere


The RENEGADE TRIP is on! First find: Brick Bangle

Also known as the "Frank Lloyd Wright bangle" Brick is the foundation of style.

Bags are in the car with a tank full of gas, one fully loaded iPod, munchies stashed within easy reach:  we’re off on a crazy cross-country RENEGADE TRIP! The inspiration behind the new line from Twisted Silver is all those little off-highway boutiques, artisan shops and antique stores you find yourself along the way, discovering unique fashion pieces full of character.  Each new addition, steeped in memories, creates a personal style all your own.

The first stop: Oak Park, Illinois walking, brochures in hand, from one Frank Lloyd Wright designed building to the next when you find ….

The Brick bangle: perfectly contrasting textures and color and movement with a stylish architectural feel that becomes the foundation of your accessories.

The Brick bangle ($80) can be yours, arriving tomorrow at http://www.twisted-silver.com

Stylish fashion bloggers on the RENEGADE TRIP fell crazy in love with Brick bangle.  See how Angie works it and why Heather‘s heart skipped a beat!

Enjoy the icons of architecture that inspired the Brick bangle.  March 30th the RENEGADE TRIP will take you to the scenic byways of Lexington, Kentucky and the LUCK bracelet.  Can you guess the inspiration for the next find?