Liberty of London for Target… with a Twist

11 more days until Liberty of London arrives at Target and floral patterns will be blooming everywhere. But who’s counting down the days?   I bet there are more than a few of us looking forward to patterned sundresses and adorable flip flops in hopes that the weather follows our subtle hint.

You can ride the floral trend with your own personal stamp by choosing the simple edgy Twisted Silver pieces to cut the sweetness of the floral explosion just a tad.  Chunky and antiqued chain will put that unexpected bit of rocker into the look without over-powering the busy action of floral.  Try the Beatnik bracelet in antiqued silver or the Rocker Earth necklace with your new Liberty of London floral dresses or trench coat.  Girly-girls can be floral, but we aren’t necessarily breakable!



7 thoughts on “Liberty of London for Target… with a Twist

  1. What good advise! I usually avoid florals because it’s just too fru fru. But adding just a hint of bad-ass would change the whole feel.

  2. YES! This is the only way to own florals is to accent with raw, rough or masculine pieces. Nothing like a floral dress with a leather blazer to balance the yin and yang. Twisted makes the PERFECT contrast to everything from Liberty. Of course I’m awaiting the Target arrival with Beatnik bracelet in hand!

  3. So spot on! I’d pick the Tapestry choker to go with a floral sundress. I’m not quite ready for all out rocker, but my look can use a bit of edge.

  4. Excited to see Liberty of London at Target! Love how Twisted is at home anywhere – target or nordstrom alike. Agree with roughing up traditional floral.

  5. Uggh, I couldn’t ever see me in flower print dresses. Reminds me to much of Easter Sunday outfits gone bad. BUT I can see me with a stack of my favorite Twisted bracelets (including XO, and Beatnik) with the Liberty of London UMBRELLA. I’d use Liberty to accent my twisted, not the other way around 🙂

  6. I can see holding those BEAUTIFUL floral cups and saucers while wearing the stunning Sunshine ring. Maybe smiling for the camera, with crumpets.

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