The RENEGADE TRIP is on! First find: Brick Bangle

Also known as the "Frank Lloyd Wright bangle" Brick is the foundation of style.

Bags are in the car with a tank full of gas, one fully loaded iPod, munchies stashed within easy reach:  we’re off on a crazy cross-country RENEGADE TRIP! The inspiration behind the new line from Twisted Silver is all those little off-highway boutiques, artisan shops and antique stores you find yourself along the way, discovering unique fashion pieces full of character.  Each new addition, steeped in memories, creates a personal style all your own.

The first stop: Oak Park, Illinois walking, brochures in hand, from one Frank Lloyd Wright designed building to the next when you find ….

The Brick bangle: perfectly contrasting textures and color and movement with a stylish architectural feel that becomes the foundation of your accessories.

The Brick bangle ($80) can be yours, arriving tomorrow at

Stylish fashion bloggers on the RENEGADE TRIP fell crazy in love with Brick bangle.  See how Angie works it and why Heather‘s heart skipped a beat!

Enjoy the icons of architecture that inspired the Brick bangle.  March 30th the RENEGADE TRIP will take you to the scenic byways of Lexington, Kentucky and the LUCK bracelet.  Can you guess the inspiration for the next find?



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