Style Tip: Covert Bracelets to NECKLACES

Is that a new choker? Yes!

If you’re like me, the transitional seasons can be annoying.  The spring fashions are calling my name, but the weather just isn’t cooperating, and I’m bored nearly to tears with my winter looks.

If your personal style needs to call 911, go ahead and rub the paddles together, shout “CLEAR” and revitalize your personal style in pinch by connecting two bracelets together to create a truly unique choker.

Pictured here, the XO Brass bracelet joined with the Phatty bracelet are a perfect shake up.  Talk about a way to get more look-millage out of your jewelry!

Try this style tip to zap a little life into your season transition, but beware!  You’re GONNA get asked!



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