Luck Would Have It…

Luck Bracelet arrives Tuesday, 3/30/10

… or more like YOU would have Luck!

The Luck bracelet arrives to Twisted Silver on Tuesday.  Inspired by a RENEGADE TRIP through the scenic byways of Lexington, Kentucky, Luck has an elegant equestrian feel you won’t want to stop touching.

Utterly unusual and chic, Luck’s antiqued silver textured rope is shaped in a horseshoe, and rests ON TOP the wrist, fastening on the underside.  It just FEELS like good luck!

Renowned stylist, Corinne Phipps, at Urban Darling says Luck will make you the “most stylish in the room and the most envied”

Fashion diva, Piper Larson, at Daily Diva Dish, warns that you should “be prepared for questions and requests from friends to try it on.”

Couldn’t you use a little Luck?



2 thoughts on “Luck Would Have It…

  1. The open end of a horseshoe should always be “up” or your luck will run out! I’ve been fortunate and I’ve been lucky. Most who know me will gamble with me instead of against me. So yes, I feel lucky. Very nice piece. From the photo, it looks braided, like a rope you would find for a tied knot on a boat.

  2. as a resident of Lexington, Kentucky, thank you! We love the Bluegrass and the inspiration it provides many people on many different levels.

    thanks again,
    your lexington, kentucky friend

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