Designer Deb Nominated for 2010 Woman Entrepreneur

Debra Mitchell, owner and designer of Twisted Silver, has been nominated for 2010 Women’s Initiative Women Entrepreneur of the Year .

Go here and then click on the “Endorse your favorite nominee”.   Scroll down to Pleasanton and check Debra Mitchell, Twisted Silver to show your support.

Women’s Initiative believes in the power of women entrepreneurs to make a difference in their families, the economy and our communities. The Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards seeks to recognize women entrepreneurs in major cities of the Bay Area that demonstrate the following:

  • Have been successful despite the barriers that exist for woman business owners,
  • Exemplify how business ownership and leadership is beneficial for women and their families,
  • Have a positive impact on local community or the community at large and/or
  • Advance their business through innovation.

Please endorse Deb today  🙂



Simple Summer Stack

Cutie bangle and Belt bracelet are the perfect Summer stack

Bracelet stacks are a lasting IT look for seasons to come and the Cutie bangle and Belt bracelet are a fan fave pairing for Summer.  Here’s why:

1) Simple and light from the palm tree lined poolside to fireworks party

2) Easy to wear all day, even in the water

3) Just enough movement to create interest

Wanna turn up the style even further? Add on another bracelet with a large design, like the Classic XO.  Wear it loose, gliding over Cutie and Belt.  See, Twisted Silver knows how to keep your Summer distinctive 🙂

Comment with your simple Summer stack of choice!


SUMMER’S Boutique Top Five

Twisted Silver fans come from everywhere across this stylish globe of ours — and not just us mouse-clicking online shoppers.  For those of us who like to walk into a store, touch, feel and try-on, here are the Summer Top Five trend-setting Twisted Silver pieces boutiques shoppers are scooping up by the handful:

1) The Luck bracelet has a texture that with today’s technology just can’t be communicated online (although give Steve Jobs another year!).  Twisted Fans try on Luck and can’t keep their fingers from FEELING it!

2) The Attitude bracelet is deceptively light when tried on.  It looks heavy, but the aluminum design gives rock star quality with the ease of summer breeze.

3) The Butterfly Cuff is one of those one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces.  Each patina is more interesting than the next.  It seems to call to the soul of an artist.

4)  Hip Hoop Bling earrings in silver catch the light in a sparkly dazzle. Lightweight and easy sophistication makes them a match with any look.

5) Gypsy earrings are hand torched, long and light weight and a huge hit among the boutique shoppers who love the rippled texture.

Find a Twisted retailer near you.


Pansy Earrings: New Trendsetters to the Rescue!

Vintage + Hand-crafted = STYLE

Can we talk? Girlfriends, so much in this world is processed and manufactured and well… cookie-cutter-rubber-stamped just to make life easy for the trend followers.  But you Twisted Silver girls have the trend-setting thing going on.  As always, were here to the rescue:

Introducing the new Pansy earrings.  These hand-crafted vintage beauties are playful and captivating, sophisticated with a pinch of pizzazz.  They are at home under a Giant’s cap at AT&T Park as easily as at a barefoot Malibu beach wedding.  Mass produced?  Nope, not even a little bit.  Easy chic?  Indeed!

Pansy earrings will be available TUESDAY, JUNE 22,  and ready for your Summer wardrobe.

So where do you see yourself wearing Pansy earrings?


The Necklace That Refuses to be Categorized

Really, Twisted Silver just can’t be put into just one category.  The XO Brass necklace — the Hot Deal of the Week — is no exception.  It’s city cool, but with a bit of equestrian chic.  It’s so outside-the-box that it can be one of those signature style pieces, but yet there’s enough simplicity to make it go with any look.  It’s substantial and, well, brassy… but still manages femininity.   There’s a reason it’s one of the Twisted staff’s staple necklaces.  This is the week to grab one at a special price (click through to see 🙂  )


Summer Jewelry Attitude Guide

As the summer heats up, can you still stay Twisted?  Duh, if anyone knows Summer it’s California gal and Twisted Silver designer Deb.  She says, “ABSOLUTELY!  It’s really all in the attitude.”  Stay cool and chic with these tips and the pieces you’ll spot Deb wearing all Summer long:


Your wearing less in the Summer, so one outstanding piece can really represent.  You’re going to be remembered for your style, so choose a piece that is really you.

Deb’s Pick: Medallion necklace.  It’s the #1 best selling statement piece among boutique shoppers.


Wear long swingy necklaces to reflect the relaxed go-with-the flow vibe of balmy Summer days.  Tunics, maxi dresses, and flowing sleeves are made for long necklaces and add to the carefree look.

Deb’s pick: Esmerelda necklace.  Lightweight with a bit of sparkle sings Summer.


Big and bold or light and dangly, earrings are the thing to keep your neck cool and stylish.   Put your hair up in a twist to showcase your ear drama and the tone will be set in an instant.

Deb’s pick: Serenity for lightweight and dreamy movement


Wide band rings can be tricky in the heat.  Don’t be afraid to switch your favorite ring to a different finger for a better fit.  Moving your middle finger ring down to your pinky might feel more comfortable.

Deb’s pick:  Flower is airy copper mesh but big on statement


Little light stacks are adorable and easy to wear when the heat is on.  Bangles are the best because they’re roomy and jangly.

Deb’s pick: The Tapestry choker double-wrapped loose as a bracelet is breathable and wear-everywhere (even the pool!)

BONUS!   Get all of Deb’s picks mentioned above for an additional 15% off with coupon code DEB at checkout. Offer valid 6/14/10 through 6/21/10


Spin into Summer

As the Summer heat turns up, think RINGS.  Rings on every finger, stacked, or one BIG statement ring can inject an otherwise dreary summer with some serious spin without adding bulk.

In a hearty welcome of the sun’s arrival (to most areas, anyway!) the SPIN ring is the Hot Deal of the Week. Not too huge, but not sedate either, SPIN is perfect stacked or worn solo.  Call me crazy, but I love it on my thumb 🙂  Click through to see the discount –>



The Renegade Trip continues to Twisted Silver’s own territory,  California’s Gold Country,  with the new Eureka necklace.   It’s about as much of a boutique conversation piece as you can get and still be delicately sweet.

This is one necklace with a gold mine of versatility with this season’s hottest trends: neon or military flair by day or ruffles or sequins by night, Eureka will get ya there.

When everyone asks you about the three aurora borealis crystals captured in a triangular mesh (uh, and they will!) just shout “EUREKA!”

What are your thoughts??


Earrings are a Summer MUST!

Earrings are a Summer MUST!  From graduation parties to hanging by the pool, a collection of interesting earrings makes this season sizzle.  Light and breezy, earrings add the perfect touch for fun in the sun.

Look for long, dangly and lightweight choices for the heat of summer.  Wear them with a breezy up-do with sundresses or tanks & tees, and you’re good to go… Twisted style.

We have six perfect earrings selected for summer AND they are fresh to the Outlet page!  Summer chic has never been such sweet deal 🙂

Which ones are you liking?