Summer Jewelry Attitude Guide

As the summer heats up, can you still stay Twisted?  Duh, if anyone knows Summer it’s California gal and Twisted Silver designer Deb.  She says, “ABSOLUTELY!  It’s really all in the attitude.”  Stay cool and chic with these tips and the pieces you’ll spot Deb wearing all Summer long:


Your wearing less in the Summer, so one outstanding piece can really represent.  You’re going to be remembered for your style, so choose a piece that is really you.

Deb’s Pick: Medallion necklace.  It’s the #1 best selling statement piece among boutique shoppers.


Wear long swingy necklaces to reflect the relaxed go-with-the flow vibe of balmy Summer days.  Tunics, maxi dresses, and flowing sleeves are made for long necklaces and add to the carefree look.

Deb’s pick: Esmerelda necklace.  Lightweight with a bit of sparkle sings Summer.


Big and bold or light and dangly, earrings are the thing to keep your neck cool and stylish.   Put your hair up in a twist to showcase your ear drama and the tone will be set in an instant.

Deb’s pick: Serenity for lightweight and dreamy movement


Wide band rings can be tricky in the heat.  Don’t be afraid to switch your favorite ring to a different finger for a better fit.  Moving your middle finger ring down to your pinky might feel more comfortable.

Deb’s pick:  Flower is airy copper mesh but big on statement


Little light stacks are adorable and easy to wear when the heat is on.  Bangles are the best because they’re roomy and jangly.

Deb’s pick: The Tapestry choker double-wrapped loose as a bracelet is breathable and wear-everywhere (even the pool!)

BONUS!   Get all of Deb’s picks mentioned above for an additional 15% off with coupon code DEB at checkout. Offer valid 6/14/10 through 6/21/10



4 thoughts on “Summer Jewelry Attitude Guide

  1. Glad to see this post. I keep hearing that you wear less jewelry in the summer, but I don’t. If you like it, you wear it. These are good picks!

  2. Oohh I have Esmerelda and the picture doesn’t capture how amazing it is! Lots of subtleties. Go to the online store and click the zoom in and you’ll see what I mean. Wear mine everywhere and the compliments keep coming

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