Pansy Earrings: New Trendsetters to the Rescue!

Vintage + Hand-crafted = STYLE

Can we talk? Girlfriends, so much in this world is processed and manufactured and well… cookie-cutter-rubber-stamped just to make life easy for the trend followers.  But you Twisted Silver girls have the trend-setting thing going on.  As always, were here to the rescue:

Introducing the new Pansy earrings.  These hand-crafted vintage beauties are playful and captivating, sophisticated with a pinch of pizzazz.  They are at home under a Giant’s cap at AT&T Park as easily as at a barefoot Malibu beach wedding.  Mass produced?  Nope, not even a little bit.  Easy chic?  Indeed!

Pansy earrings will be available TUESDAY, JUNE 22,  and ready for your Summer wardrobe.

So where do you see yourself wearing Pansy earrings?



4 thoughts on “Pansy Earrings: New Trendsetters to the Rescue!

  1. Those are gorgeous. My ears aren’t pierced, but if they were I see them with a flow-y, filmy summer top, fitted jeans, high heeled sandals on my way on a date with my beau. 🙂

  2. I love these! I also love the image of going to a ball game. So cute to add a really girly touch to a ball cap while sucking down a mustard covered dog!

  3. they are so delicate and pretty. I love contrast, so would wear them with a black motorcycle jacket, or something traditionally masculine.

  4. FINALLY my hair is long enough to put up. I’d wear these with my hair up, with a few strands falling around my face, this gorgeous sapphire broomstick maxi dress I found last week and metallic kitten heel sandals. Should have named these earrings ROMANCE!

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