SUMMER’S Boutique Top Five

Twisted Silver fans come from everywhere across this stylish globe of ours — and not just us mouse-clicking online shoppers.  For those of us who like to walk into a store, touch, feel and try-on, here are the Summer Top Five trend-setting Twisted Silver pieces boutiques shoppers are scooping up by the handful:

1) The Luck bracelet has a texture that with today’s technology just can’t be communicated online (although give Steve Jobs another year!).  Twisted Fans try on Luck and can’t keep their fingers from FEELING it!

2) The Attitude bracelet is deceptively light when tried on.  It looks heavy, but the aluminum design gives rock star quality with the ease of summer breeze.

3) The Butterfly Cuff is one of those one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces.  Each patina is more interesting than the next.  It seems to call to the soul of an artist.

4)  Hip Hoop Bling earrings in silver catch the light in a sparkly dazzle. Lightweight and easy sophistication makes them a match with any look.

5) Gypsy earrings are hand torched, long and light weight and a huge hit among the boutique shoppers who love the rippled texture.

Find a Twisted retailer near you.



One thought on “SUMMER’S Boutique Top Five

  1. You’re totally right. Some things just “sell” themselves better in person. Kind of hard to convey texture or sound online! Wish there was a retailer in OHIO/INDIANA area. 😦

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