Accessories Magazine Calls Burnished Metals

This week’s Trend Finder report published by Accessories Magazine calls BURNISHED METALS as the latest “it” look.

Burnished Metals—Whether it’s hardware on leather goods or the latest statement in jewelry, surfaces appear weathered, antiqued or have a patina that adds character.

Twisted Silver’s on-trend as usual.  Best choices for a burnished style with character?  Take a look at these three picks:

Rocker Earth (hardware on leather)

Peace&Love earrings (antiqued)

Justice Cuff Silver (weathered patina)



Studio is Perfectly En Pointe

Reminiscent of the beautiful hand-polished brass ballet barre from Twisted Silver designer Deb’s childhood, the Studio bracelet is equally as timeless.

Studio is meticulously hand-forged flat links and a curious ring bauble that is both sweet and interesting… and perfectly “en pointe”.

Studio the newest bracelet in the Renegade Trip collection by Twisted Silver, and available online for $50 on Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your thoughts?


Look of the Week: Rocker Sophisticate

The Rocker Sophisticate look is as easy as three bracelets by Twisted Silver: Justice Cuff in silver, Hardware bracelet and Beatnik bracelet in antiqued silver.  Ease into it with just one, or rock out with all three.  Ray-Bans optional.


Twistify Sasha Cohen’s Multi-Chain Style

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Celebrities&iid=9343841″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”345″ /]

Olympic figure skating medalist, Sasha Cohen, attended professional tennis player Serena Williams’ Pre-ESPYs House Party yesterday in Bel Air, looking classically chic in black and white.  But what really got this Twisted gal noticing was Sasha’s multi-chain and crystal bead bib necklace.  Just the perfect touch!

How, do you ask, would you Twistify this look to win Olympic worthy style medals?  With the Instinct Pulse necklace in antiqued silver by Twisted Silver.  Same multi-chain and bead effect, but with a edgy tweak of metal.  Plus, there’s the added option bonus of opening up this necklace to single strand for a long look.  Score extra points to your pocketbook too: this beauty’s on the Twisted Outlet page.

What do the judges say?


Lily is Where Nature Meets Style

Mother Nature really does have a snappy sense of style.  No one knows this better than Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, a hiker of the beautiful California trails where her new piece Lily was inspired.  Feel the hints of Gold Country throughout, the scattered wildflowers and rocky trails.

At 33 inches long, this is the statement necklace for casual summer dresses to Fall sweaters to fashion runways.  Lily is perhaps the one necklace you’ll own with so many interesting surprises to go the distance.

Piper Larson at Daily Diva Dish calls Lily “a piece of art ” and we think you will too.  Comment below and let us know where Lily will take your look.

Lily is available from Twisted Silver online or at boutiques nationwide.