Twistify Sasha Cohen’s Multi-Chain Style

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Olympic figure skating medalist, Sasha Cohen, attended professional tennis player Serena Williams’ Pre-ESPYs House Party yesterday in Bel Air, looking classically chic in black and white.  But what really got this Twisted gal noticing was Sasha’s multi-chain and crystal bead bib necklace.  Just the perfect touch!

How, do you ask, would you Twistify this look to win Olympic worthy style medals?  With the Instinct Pulse necklace in antiqued silver by Twisted Silver.  Same multi-chain and bead effect, but with a edgy tweak of metal.  Plus, there’s the added option bonus of opening up this necklace to single strand for a long look.  Score extra points to your pocketbook too: this beauty’s on the Twisted Outlet page.

What do the judges say?



2 thoughts on “Twistify Sasha Cohen’s Multi-Chain Style

  1. This judge gives top marks! Love that embellished cardi. On her I wouldn’t change a thing. Perfectly classy and adorable. On me, I’d have to Twistify it up a bit too, just to take a tad of the shine off.

  2. I love watching her skate, and am so happy to see her back on the ice. Love this look. The cardigan adds a playfulness. If I were her stylist, I’d go for the Twisted piece over the necklace she’s wearing. She has such a youthful and innocent face that JUST A TOUCH of Twist might give her a (dare I say) competitive edge.

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