Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff Gets Twisted

Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff in Twisted Silver's Motif earrings

Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, attended  Kelly Nishimoto’s 5th year anniversary bash at the W hotel Tuesday for a night of “Easy Glamour” showcasing Kelly’s  fall/winter/holiday collection.  A scrumptious mix of lace, velvet and satin designs are all easy to wear and play very well with Twisted Silver.  Among the celebs and fashion mavens, Deb instantly hit it off with Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff.

Deb says:

“We had so many fun things to talk about, from our connection with friend and dance partner Steve Wozniak [Deb’s brother works with The Woz] to our uncommon  names in common: hers Karina, and my middle name Kaarina. “

Karina instantly loved the Twisted Silver line, especially the Motif earrings.

Celebrity stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, describes Karina’s style exuding from the inside out — as funky and innovative, trendy and comfortable.  No one would ever vote her off for style!

Watch for Karina wearing Twisted Silver’s Peace&Love, Bongo and Align earrings.  Maybe on the next Dancing with the Stars?

Meanwhile, follow Karina on Twitter @Karina_Smirnoff



Interview with Deb on Authentic Creativity

Twisted Silver's designer, Deb Mitchell, mentors authentic creativity in high school girls.

There’s that old saying that imitation is the best form of flattery.  With the fashion world and Hollywood a-buzz with all things Twisted Silver, the inevitable copycats have popped up with their alleged new jewelry that looks strikingly similar in design to Twisted.  Is designer Deb flattered?  Over mugs of hot chocolate in her Bay Area home, we chatted and got her take on authentic creativity.

TT:   I understand that you’ve experienced people copycatting your designs.  This is a hot topic for you, isn’t it?

DM: It absolutely is.  Some people don’t even realize they’re doing it.  They are crafty and they have some skill to put things together, but they haven’t unlocked their inner artist.  They just buy a kit or follow someone else’s pattern or formula.  What happens is that the path they follow isn’t their own, like plagiarism.  It’s happened often with Twisted Silver, and it’s the job of a designer to protect her brand.  Even the name “Twisted Silver” has been the subject of multiple copycats.

TT:  That doesn’t sound flattering.

DM: No, it’s not.  It’s like saying, “I like what you’ve done here, so I’m going to do the same thing and say it was my idea.”  What I really want is to inspire women. Inspiration is about catching a glimpse of a small aspect and then running with it.  It’s seeing a pine cone, or an old dented belt buckle, or a grape vine twining around a post, and then seeing that object as something totally new.  It takes you down your own path of authentic creativity.

TT: How do you hope to encourage authentic creativity in women?

DM:  Firstly, I want women to find their confidence and know that creativity isn’t limited.  Style is ultimately about communication.  It’s about saying to the world, “this is who I am!” I want them to not be afraid of who they are.  I want them to look at Twisted Silver and know that they have a quality piece, carefully handmade, that will go the distance for them in pulling off multiple looks.  But walking into a store and buying every last piece on a mannequin in a display window will never inspire that kind of confidence.  It’s a dream of mine that women can unlock their own creativity and find their own personal style.

TT:  Especially when that mannequin is 5’8″ and a size 2 and most of us are not!

DM: Exactly!

TT:  Inspiring authentic creativity in women isn’t just a dream.  You’re actively pursuing it with high school girls.  Tell a little about that.

DM:  Oh, the Twisted Fashion Envoy Program.  It’s an after-school program I have developed.  Eight high school girls have been selected to have monthly workshops with me.  We get together, talk a bit about fashion, what trends to notice and how to make styles their own and then the work on a design challenge.   They’re learning a bit about the fashion industry, but more about how to incorporate what they learn into their own lives.

TT: Like a behind-the-scenes hands-on experience?

DM: Yep. It’s a chance to educate and mentor these girls about being authentic, and they are so great!  They are getting it that it’s not about spending thousands of dollars on a wardrobe.  It’s about making what’s in your closet — or your friend’s closet! — work.   It’s about carefully selecting pieces that will last forever and finding ways to update them for today’s style.

TT: These girls won’t be knock-offers, will they?

DM: [laughing] Not a chance.

TT:  What’s your advice to the Twisted fans reading this?

DM:  Keep reading the blog, especially the key trends we’re following, but let it be your inspiration.  You’ll also know your getting the real deal by the Twisted coin tag on your jewelry.  Take a look at what’s trending, and then go through your jewelry box and your closet and play around.  Make it your own.

For more information about the Twisted Fashion Envoy program, click here.




Fall Winter 2010-2011 Trend: Holiday with Creative Style

Daytime Sparkle by Anthropologie

The leaves start turning, boots and sweaters come out to play and our attention turns to family get-togethers and holiday parties… and dressing to celebrate.

This season look for a touch of bold attitude to sparkle the holiday trend, putting a Twist on the traditional gems.

Krista Tannahill, fashion writer for Suite 101 states about the Fall 2010 jewelry trend being “less about “bling” and more about creative style and edgy design”  And we couldn’t agree more.

To avoid the glitz-overload while still pushing the edge a touch this holiday season, think understated clothing.  Take the “Daytime Sparkle” look pictured above from Anthropologie: black jeggings, brown boots, ribbed jersey and sequin flame blazer.  Substitute Twisted Silver’s Scroll ring in brass instead and you get the idea.

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without beautiful earrings.  Earrings have the ability to change the festive tempo of your look in a snap.  They look stunning with an up-do, or add delightful compliments to hats and scarves.  Our top picks?  Pinwheel, Glacier and Esmerelda:



See the Twisted Silver holiday look book for more inspiration.




Fashion Envoy Spotlight: Dena Behnam

Twisted Silver Fashion Envoy, Dena Behnam

Everyone, meet Dena Behnam,  sophomore at Amador Valley High School.   She loves oil painting, writing, reading  (especially about all types of sciences) and debate.  Most of all, she thinks fashion is fascinating and enjoys exploring the world of trends, marketing, and beauty wonders in the fashion industry.

Her go-to outfit would probably be a pair of dark skinny jeans, cognac leather boots, and a loose-fitted top with Twisted Silver’s Chic necklace. She likes to be comfortable and put-together in a simple, satisfying way. This is why she is ecstatic to be a part of Twisted Silver’s Fashion Envoy board.

Dena was the design board challenge winner with her take on the Nouveau Boho look.  She says:

It’s all about mixing and matching and using color to enhance your style… for the free spirited, artsy girls… loose-fitted clothing, fedoras, and wayfarers!

She sees Nouveau Boho as taking some baggy, draping pieces and making them distinct with jewelry, especially Twisted Silver’s Lily necklace.  Add skinny jeans and boots and you have a comfortable yet put together look.

Dena does not see herself as a “fashion diva,” but her friends admit she has the natural confidence of an artist.  Her personal style is effortless, and we’re anxious to see where she goes!

Be sure to follow Dena’s latest happenings at her blog, Notes from Dena and browse through the Twisted Silver Nouveau Boho look book for more style inspiration.


Broach the Subject of Effortless Elegance

Broach the Subject of Effortless Elegance…

…without saying a word when you wear the new Broach bracelet from Twisted Silver.  Delicious slinky snake chain and vintage faux pearl broaches — rescued from luscious screw-back earrings from Japan circa 1950 — simply drip with a certain mysterious je ne sais quoi and completes your tailored Revamped Vintage look.

Lovin’ the look? Order the Broach bracelet now and browse the Twisted Silver Revamped Vintage look book for more inspiration.

Buzz about the Broach bracelet: Fabulous Fun Finds and A Mom in Red High Heels


LA Fashion Week: Finding the Bright Side

Well, LA Fashion Week was suddenly canceled — the whole gig, and every show — without official explanation.  According to the press release,  un-official word has it that maybe the proper fire permits had not been obtained.  Very frustrating for all the designers who spent time, effort and money spent on preparing for the runway shows, some traveling from as far as Hungary and Germany.

The bright side? Designers are a creative bunch.  They will find alternative ways to unveil their Spring 2011 collections, and Jazmin Whitley’s no exception.  She had her new collection, beautiful models, gobs of Twisted Silver and talented photographer, Erica Lauren.  Here’s the first shot of an adorable dress from her new line, with Twisted Silver’s Heist necklace, Uptown bracelet and Hinge bracelet.


Fall Winter 2010-2011 Trend: Modern Classic

The Modern Classic look is timeless and yet current.  It’s tried-and-true practicality at it’s best and serves as the very foundation of your wardrobe, the canvass on which to blend the colors and textures of your style.  Think simplicity that lends itself effortlessly to mix-and-match, letting you create multiple looks to go the distance.  It’s jeans and a tee.  It’s an adorable pair of flats.  It’s a little black dress.  It’s the perfect jacket.

Twisted Silver must-have modern classics go with …. everything. Wear them solo, or layer them up, these are the fool-proof designs that will be always chic, always trend-enhancing.  Modern Classics are here today, and here tomorrow.

Instinct Chic necklace

Classic XO bracelet

Lithe Long earrings

See the Modern Classic Look Book for more Twisted Silver trend-enhancing designs


Twisted Silver Joins with Jazmin Whitley at LA Fashion Week

Jazmin Whitley, designer of Li Cari clothing line, partnered with Twisted Silver at LA Fashion Week

Debra Mitchell’s trend-setting Twisted Silver jewelry line was invited to join Jazmin Whitley, designer of the Li Cari clothing line at two shows at LA Fashion Week.

Jazmin is launching a new line —  J. Whitley —  on Saturday, and unveiling her 10th collection in her Li Cari line on Sunday.  This time with Twisted Silver enhancing the looks at both shows.

Deb says:

“We’re excited to partner with Jazmin at LA Fashion week.  Her designs are modern classics, clothes meant to simply fall in love with and her new line mixes, matches and converts into countless looks — exactly like Twisted Silver.”

The Li Cari fashion house was launched in March of 2006 and has continued to grow and evolve. Jazmin Whitley known for being the youngest designer to ever show in both New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week has shown that with time comes grace. She has continued to wow her guests collection after collection.

Whitley says:

“My spring collection was inspired by feeling affectionate and looking irresistible. My vision is to relay a feeling of a distant memory not a specific era in time… the collection is made primarily of silk, satin, and Lace with key sequence pieces in black, white and pastels. The story my collection tells is of the modern day woman that needs to fall in love, to feel in love and to be loved.”

Attracting clients like Kelly Osbourne, Christina Ricci, Haylie Duff, Aimee Teegarden, Meaghan Martin, Victoria Justice, Paris Hilton to name a few, she has dressed countless others for red carpet events. Jazmin Whitley as been featured in: W Magazine, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Star, Live & Style,Relate Magazine, Westlake Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, LA Direct Magazine, 944 Magazine,  Angelino Magazine, on the Cover of Apparel News, and numerous others.

Stay tuned for runway photos and video…


Fashion Envoy Spotlight: Meghan Bean


Twisted Silver Fashion Envoy, Meghan Bean


Today’s Twisted Silver Fashion Envoy Spotlight shines directly on Meghan Bean, a Foothill High School Senior who loves art, cheer, singing and (of course!) fashion.

Her current style trend fave is Aristocratic Safari.  She loves the look’s bold statement that maintains an elegant femininity.  How does that statement happen?  She says:

… it’s two opposing concepts coming together. Beautiful. It’s like a spectrum ranging from edgy to romantic, and you get to play anywhere along the line.

Meghan created a style-board capturing Aristocratic Safari, using the phrase “beyond the pale” because she felt it’s about being daring within the realm of soft elegance.  In the process of creating the poster, the trend opened up a new realm of possibilities for Meghan, who felt often limited to a look of restrained girly.

By adding a wide leather belt and Twisted Silver’s Medallion necklace and River bracelet to one of her mainstay dresses, I’d say she nailed it!


Meghan Bean's take on Aristocratic Safari


Check out and subscribe to Meghan’s new blog THINK BEAN and view the Aristocratic Safari Look Book for more trend-enhancing designs from Twisted Silver.


Austin Cuff: There’s a New Style Sheriff in Town

There’s a new sheriff in town: the Austin cuff by Twisted Silver.  Inject just a bit of the rugged wild west into your look: pair this rich chocolate suede cuff – hand branded and riveted –  with ultra feminine silks and lace.  The contrast will do a little justice to your personal style.  Then watch Austin elevate ace-high respectability to stacks of your favorite colorful braided and beaded bracelets.

Don’t forget to see how Austin enhances leading fall and winter trends in these look books ….  especially Aristocratic Safari