Eco-Chic Spotlight: Bubbles Bracelets

Twisted Silver is all about Eco-Chic earth friendly fashion.  Designer Deb rescues cast-off and forgotten materials and vintage parts from dusty warehouses and scrap heaps, then up-cycles [that’s up-scale recycling!] them for stunningly beautiful forward fashion.

Today’s Eco-Chic spotlight shines on the Bubbles bracelets

These hand-forged hammered brass designs were salvaged from thrown-aside vintage barrettes circa 1960’s. A bit of retro-geometric made current, the Twisted Staff considers these half-cuffs basic staples in raw brass or gold or silver finish.  Wear them solo or stack with a Beatnik bracelet (or better yet, a Beatnik NECKLACE double wrapped as a bracelet!)

… and all Twisted Silver pieces are artfully hand crafted in the U.S.A, and never mass-produced anywhere.



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