Fashion Envoy Spotlight: Claire Goveia

Twisted Silver designer, Deb Michell, has chosen eight high school students to be part of the Fashion Envoy Board.  the girls will participate in creative workshops throughout the school year to come up with ideas for fashion shoots and marketing materials geared toward the high-school crowd.

Today’s spotlight is on the lovely Claire Goveia:

Bio: I am crazy about my numerous activities, from being class president at Amador High School in Pleasanton, CA,  to my involvement in charity work.  This year is my fourth year cheering for school and there is nothing better than the Friday night games yelling for my best friends on the field! I also have a strong passion for putting pen to paper.  My love for fashion and jewelry led me to a new, incredible opportunity as a Fashion Envoy.  Twisted Silver is a fresh, creative jewelry brand that I absolutely love. 

Her Fave Style Trend: Revamped Vintage

Claire loves the ruffled, lacey, laid-back style that can be very casual or dressed up,  including frills, colors, and many intricate patterns.

“This was by far my favorite style, not just because I worked with it so closely… I feel it reflects a lot of whom I am.”

Her blog: Claire’s Simple Thoughts. She’s brand new to blogging and never thought she would be so intrigued and entertained by writing about fashion.  Many of her  friends and family have commented on the blog with already over a hundred views.

Watch for Fashion Envoy spotlights weekly 🙂



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