Guest Blogger Jasmine of Fashion Grail Gives Her Take on Boho/Rocker

Today we have a special treat:  Guest blogger, Jasmine of Fashion Grail a blog that you’re going to love (if you don’t already do!)  She has years of experience in the world of fashion, questing for the next perfect look.  She brings her tips and finds to her widely popular site (and Twitter feed), and has come to appreciate one simple and unequivocal truth:

No matter where you are, the day starts with getting dressed.

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Thank you, Jasmine, for being our guest and giving us your take on a blend of the Nouveau Boho and Rocker Sophisticate:

As a HUGE fan of the boho/rocker look, my obession with Twisted Silver should come as no surprise.  Although Twisted Silver’s vast array of accessories always demand attention, I chose to highlight the Rocker Earth necklace and 7 bracelet to create a feminine yet boldly vintage rock n roll look.  Clearly, I love me some stripes in any outfit, and the normally conservative cardigan pictured here is the perfect “pop” when matched with sexy flared jeans.  As a final touch I threw in some booties and a floppy hat (which reminded me of the Penny Lane character played by Kate Hudson).  And that’s what I truly love about Twisted Silver…no matter what you wear you can always “twist” it into your own!


Jasmine's take on a blend of the boho and rocker looks


Rocker Earth Necklace – $70 at

7 Bracelet – $50 at

Floppy Hat – $14.80 at

Belted Cardigan – $44.99 at

Striped Long Sleeve T – $27 at

Flare Jeans – $47.18 at

Booties – $39.99 at



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