Fashion Envoy Spotlight: Meghan Bean


Twisted Silver Fashion Envoy, Meghan Bean


Today’s Twisted Silver Fashion Envoy Spotlight shines directly on Meghan Bean, a Foothill High School Senior who loves art, cheer, singing and (of course!) fashion.

Her current style trend fave is Aristocratic Safari.  She loves the look’s bold statement that maintains an elegant femininity.  How does that statement happen?  She says:

… it’s two opposing concepts coming together. Beautiful. It’s like a spectrum ranging from edgy to romantic, and you get to play anywhere along the line.

Meghan created a style-board capturing Aristocratic Safari, using the phrase “beyond the pale” because she felt it’s about being daring within the realm of soft elegance.  In the process of creating the poster, the trend opened up a new realm of possibilities for Meghan, who felt often limited to a look of restrained girly.

By adding a wide leather belt and Twisted Silver’s Medallion necklace and River bracelet to one of her mainstay dresses, I’d say she nailed it!


Meghan Bean's take on Aristocratic Safari


Check out and subscribe to Meghan’s new blog THINK BEAN and view the Aristocratic Safari Look Book for more trend-enhancing designs from Twisted Silver.



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