From Rocker Chick to Rocker Chic

Tammy Gibson, editor of A Mom in Red High Heels (and yes, that's Twisted Silver's Esmerelda necklace)

Tammy Gibson, founder and editor of A Mom in Red High Heels, believes that all women have the opportunity to look their very best, and that it has to be an intentional act.  More difficult when women become moms?  Oh yeah, but Tammy says:

“When a woman becomes a mom, she should not give up on herself as a woman. Becoming a mother does not mean she suddenly becomes last on her priority list! In fact, she should make every effort to pamper herself often.”

For Tammy, wearing Red High Heels gives her the pampering self-confidence she needs to feel a glamorous transformation.  She works her red heels — and Twisted Silver —  into any look, which is why I am so happy to have her as a guest author today.  Tammy’s look has evolved over the years, but one thing’s for certain.  She ROCKS!


My taste in music has influenced my wardrobe, as it has for many people.  Back in the day I was a Rocker Chick with crazy hair-sprayed bangs, bleached out Levi’s, black eyeliner and livin’ on the edge with my Def Leppard cranked up as I drove with my windows down.  My accessory staple was a pair of silver hoops.  Yeah…, I was cool back then, or so I thought.

I’ve since grown up and like to think of myself as a bit more sophisticated and wise in my fashion choices.  Still liking a bit of edge with every outfit, I’ve gone from Rocker Chick to Rocker Chic.  I still wear my distressed jeans but they are purchased that way and look far more wearable than the disasters I created back in the 80’s.  Black eyeliner will always be a makeup essential but the line I apply now is cleaner and thinner.  My hair is actually touchable and instead of tennis shoes, I now love a great pair of red high heels.  The silver hoops?  Still a staple only now I wear them Twisted, paired with a variety of other rocker chic styles from Twisted-Silver.

Twisted Silver gives jewelry a great unique edge that is embraced by all who love the look of Rocker Sophisticate!  Multi-metal designs and edgy details from Twisted Silver are reflective of those who have a bit of rebellion left in them!  Embrace it and rock on!

Twisted looks Tammy loves:  Justice Cuff in Silver, Hardware necklace, Cage earrings and Scroll ring

Rocker Sophisticate, the Twisted Way

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One thought on “From Rocker Chick to Rocker Chic

  1. Thank you for allowing me to share a few of my favorite Twisted designs! With so many amazing styles, it is hard to pick just a few! I wear Twisted Silver nearly every day!! I love it so much! 🙂

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