What to Pack for Your Thanksgiving Trip

Catherine Horgan, stylist extraordinaire and founder of [My] Style Files , gives her tips on what to pack in case you’re traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday:

“I am not only in disbelief that Thanksgiving is next week, but also taken aback that December is two weeks from today. How did that happen?

Time is speeding ahead, whether we choose to play that game or not. So, best to be prepared. If you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll want to plan your wardrobe now to make packing easier next week. While I count 15 outfit combinations out of the pieces below, you may only need 4 to 5 easy, chic outfits for the upcoming holiday.

These days, I love the comfort of leggings (cotton/lycra and leather) and skinny cords. They stretch with movement and are easy to layer over. Cashmere, wool or cotton long cardigans are perfect to keep in the warmth. Add in a sweater dress, as well as a military jacket for a little structure. The ever-important black long-sleeve sheer jersey tee can, and should, be worn with everything. Throw in pattern with a leopard print fur cropped jacket and a colorful scarf. As for accessories, make it super easy … riding boots and military boots work with almost everything this season. Pack pieces of jewelry that can function in multiple ways, such as a necklace working as a belt + bracelet, or wrapped around your neck and worn as a choker. With a dark color palette, go bright with vintage earrings and rings. An easy-to-find-your-things-in handbag is essential. And don’t forget your arm warmers!”

The Twisted Silver pieces shown above:  XO Opera (the long necklace in the middle), Belt bracelet (brass bracelet to the left) and Austin cuff (leather cuff to the left)



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