An Urban Darling’s Take on the Modern Classic

Urban Darling stylists style REAL people... like you

Urban Darling, Corinne, is back as our guest blogger dishing up her take on the Modern Classic look:

The “classics” are timeless pieces of your wardrobe a woman should never be without. Why? Because darling, the fashion icons throughout the decades are just as timeless as the pieces that they donned. Like who? Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, and Audrey Hepburn. While, we all love looking to the past for style inspiration, let’s take these historic fashion icon trend setters and turn up the heat on making the “classics” modern. Ready, set, go…

Big Sunglasses – Coco, Madonna and all modern day celebrities wear big sunglasses to hide from the Paparazzi.  To flip the classic into modern, consider going for a tortoise shell or a smokey colorway. How about a new shape rather than square or circle? Tempting, I know!

Pearls – anyone will tell you that pearls are a staple, but why be boring and predictable? Zzzzzzz. In comes The Creekwalk line from Twisted Silver. PRAISE THE STYLE GODS, they heard your prayers. Glass pearls from Japan salvaged for your wearing pleasure. And, seriously, if you are feeling matchy-matchy, wear the bracelet too.

The Nautical Striped Top – Don’t get me started on this. I have been in love with this shirt since before I was born.  I have 7 in my drawer right now ( I counted)

Skinny Jeans – darlings, if you don’t have a pair of skinny (at a minimum straight leg) jeans in your closet I can’t even say. Go get some right now. Hi-end, low-end, it matters not to me. The boot-cut and flair are still ok, but hid them in the back of your closet until they come back around.   Try Old Navy or Neiman Marcus

Trench Coat – Ok, I am not sure if you were reading this far down or not. But yes, a trench is on the list and yes not too many people are sporting them these days, at least not in my neck of the woods. That being said, there are some cute options out there. London Fog and Burberry are the monsters that own the market on trenches, as they should, they know how to construct a coat. The trick: buy one that is short in length. The long coats are ok if you live in Minneapolis or Chicago, but most other places the shorter 33” version will do.

Ballet Flats – adorable, every woman must have one pair. You may purchase a paid anywhere, Target has them, Kohl’s has them and every major department store has them

Now, wrap up this entire look and OMG you are a Modern Classic.



One thought on “An Urban Darling’s Take on the Modern Classic

  1. You hit the nail right on the head with the things that I like: all classics with enough “neutrality” that I can put my own stamp of personality on them! I “like”!

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