Pregnant and Still Twisted

Moms-To-Be can be just as Twisted as they were before they conceived.  In fact, we think they should be.  As their preggo body shape changes, fashion-forward mamas can accessorize artfully.  Looking good = feeling good… all important for hormone-induced blues.  Plus there’s that part about jewelry always fitting.  Take a look at our picks:

The Esmerelda necklace goes the distance, moving with changing shape and mood.  It can an be multi-wrapped (as shown) or just double-wrapped, or worn all the way long.  Best part?  It’s super light weight — a big bonus to combat that pregnancy-induced “don’t-touch-my-skin” creepy feeling.

A great pair of earrings can offer visual balance to your baby bump.  Try the Balance earrings — weighing in at less than a half of an ounce, you get a big show without a big heavy.  The Luck bracelet is such a “notice me” piece, yet still simple.   Pull it all together with the XO Belt for the perfect baby-framing silhouette.

We also think big statement rings are amazing for the maternity wardrobe, in spite of their bad rap for fear of swollen fingers.  The key to making it work?  Get a size (or two?) bigger than you normally would.  Wear a big ring on whatever finger fits that day.  It will become the conversation piece as you grasp your cup of raspberry tea.  The ring shown is a special design not available online, but try the same idea with the Vibe ring or the Sunshine ring.



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