Make it a Twisted Holiday

This week’s pairing is all about putting on a bit of the festive… Twisted style.  The Empress necklace and Pinwheel earrings are darn near magical for elegance in an instant…. and you won’t look like anyone else in the room.

The Empress necklace is light-weight-high-impact va-voom.  And Pinwheel earrings?  Talk about old Hollywood glammy! … yeah, that says it all.   The pair together just make any Twisted holiday all the way to ringing in the new year —  and beyond.

Pinwheel earrings are specially priced this week — 20% off, no coupon needed — for the last minute touch on your holiday look.  Or for the last-minute shopper.

Speaking of last-minute shopping,  if you want Twisted under your tree before Christmas day, 12/17 is the last day for ground shipping,  12/22 is the last day for 2-day shipping and 12/23 for overnight.

Go on.  Make it a Twisted holiday 🙂

Twisted Silver: Pinwheel earrings
Reg$40 SALE $32 –
Silver jewelry »



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