Stylists Say Bracelets are on Trend

Lesley Kennedy, style journalist for StyleList, said in a recent article that “Bangles, beads and cuffs have taken a back seat for far too long in the accessories game, and we say now’s the time to wrap those wrists in style”  We couldn’t agree more!  She recently turned to celebrity stylist Elle Werlin for a few tips on making the jewelry look modern. Werlin says:

Mix ’em up. “I think it is best to mix and match metals, as well as styles and sizes, when stacking bracelets,” Werlin says. “I think the more eclectic, the better, and it adds a more Boho chic feel. One could wear last year’s frock and add a bunch of bangles and cuffs, creating a whole new look.”

Dare to be different. Werlin suggests wrapping your mother’s pearls around your wrist. “Adding a brooch can make a chic look for evening,” she says.

Let your bracelets be the stars. “I think if you are piling up the bangles, you should avoid any other statement pieces,” Werlin says. “If you are wearing a head-to-toe neutral look, which was shown throughout the spring shows, then you can add a funky colorful Lucite-like or ceramic necklace. Otherwise, stay clear of any other jewelry. Wearing one bronzed metal cuff alone can also be fantastic. If you want to channel your inner Stevie Nicks, then add a fringe leather necklace.”

Statement-making Twisted picks:  Butterfly, Attitude and 7 bracelets


Lesley Kennedy was the fashion editor and deputy features editor for the Rocky Mountain News until the newspaper’s closure in early 2009. She is the co-founder and editor of, an online magazine covering style in the Mile High City.   Read more of Lesley’s posts here.




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