Guest Blogger Twists the Day Away

Catherine Horgan, stylist and editor of Closet of Style,  keeps those who want to be ‘in the know’ on top of the latest and greatest finds. She tests products on a daily basis and is known in the industry for her meticulous attention to detail. Catherine is a contributing fashion editor for Haute Mimi International and My Mommy Manual.  She attends Fashion Week in NYC twice a year, and conducts various style workshops throughout the year. Catherine has been featured on Fox News Rising for Wardrobe Wednesday, The Cooper Lawrence Show for Fashion Friday…

…But most of all she LOVES Twisted Silver. She featured Twisted Silver designs in her most recent photo shoot, and here’s what she had to say about it:

“There is never a dull moment when you are wearing Twisted Silver.

Just as we are inspired by our surroundings — whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall — we, too, can inspire others by our choices in self expression.

Go modern or edgy, eclectic or feminine. Any look can be achieved (even formal) with versatile pieces like these.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not expressing my Twisted attitude!

Twisted moments are everyday moments — for everyday life. So, what are you waiting for? Go make some moments of your own!”

Twisted Silver featured in photo shoot:

XO Brass Opera necklace

Align Convertible necklace

Elizabeth bracelet

Classic XO bracelet

Attitude bracelet

Austin cuff

Heirloom earrings

Align earrings

Scroll ring

Stylist: Catherine Horgan

Fashion designs: Emily Morgen and Christina Jacuzzo

Make-up Artist: Adrian Howe

Photographer: Erin L. Hubbs


Deb Mentors Defining Girls: A Video Recap

Twisted Silver’s designer, Deb Mitchell, launched Defining Girl, a non-profit venture to inspire and mentor teen girls to follow their dreams… and not just follow the crowd.   The debut event was held last week was filled with workshops and motivating speakers, including fashion designer Jazmin Whitley, all with the idea of YOU define YOU.  See the Contra Costa Times article for more info.

Watch the video recap –>


video shot and assembled by jefra starr linn

music by Mindy Gledhill


Mentoring With Style

Jazmin Whitley — who was the youngest designer ever in a NY Fashion Week and now at the age of 22  dresses Hollywood’s hottest celebs (including Paris Hilton) and stars in TV shows — was the special guest speaker Saturday at Defining Girl Academy, a workshop aimed at empowering teen girls to find their passions in life.

Defining Girl is the non-profit brainchild of Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, who feels keenly drawn to helping young girls navigate through a confusing world. Deb says:

The world has such a loud voice — TV, movies, music, magazine, what “the crowd” is doing — that it can be hard for girls to hear that quiet voice inside that can lead them to success.  I want to show girls that it can be done.  My message is YOU define YOU… or else someone else will.

50 middle and high school Defining Girls were treated to a day of mentoring through inspiring lectures and classes that focused on identifying their dream and how to make it a reality.  The event space and catering was generously donated by Ruby Hill Golf Club.

Opening the workshop was Faith Alpher, the motivating radio personality and comedian of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) one woman show ‘Through the Eyes of Faith’.

Then Deb chatted with the girls, delivering the point that kindness is power.  She shared her story of how at the age of just 12 years old she made a conscious decision to not follow the crowd.  To this day, Deb holds up every choice against this benchmark, in her jewelry line and in her life.  Deb showed a media presentation on Jazmin Whitley, highlighting her accomplishments at such a young age, then introduced the designer herself.

Jazmin, in a humble and shy manner, spoke candidly with the girls about her passion for designing and her drive from early on.  She revealed that her faith in God is her quiet center and her guidepost in a loud world.  Then shaking off the “seriousness” she got down to fashion.  Shrugging off her jacket and switching around her jewelry (yes, it was Twisted), she demonstrated how to change a look in a flash.  She talked and answered questions at length about life as a designer and frequently invited the opinions of her business manager, Susan Costa — who just happens to be her mom.

Afterward, all the girls enjoyed a photo op with Jazmin and delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Each girl left with a swag bag of goodies.

Jazmin and Deb said their goodbyes to the young ladies and headed to Orghipchick in Livermore for a sample sale of some of Jazmin’s newest creations.  Fans stopped in to meet the two designers and get first-hand styling tips in a relaxed atmosphere.  All in all,  it was a fabulous day of mentoring with style.

Watch for upcoming Defining Girl events.  But in the meantime, how are YOU a Defining Girl?


Meet Designers Jazmin Whitley and Deb Mitchell

Ever want to meet the creative mind behind your favorite on-trend clothing and accessories?  SF Bay area fans, mark your calendars for January 22, because you’re in for a treat.

Fashion designer, Jazmin Whitley (MTV’s House of Jazmin) will be at Orghipchick in Livermore on Saturday, January 22 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm for a meet-and-greet and a sample sale of her Li Cari clothing line.  Jazmin launched her first clothing line at the age of 17, making her the youngest designer to do so.  A year later, she was the youngest designer to show at NY Fashion Week.  Numerous stars wear her designs, including Paris Hilton, and she’s been featured in practically every fashion magazine.  She continues to wow the fashion industry each year.

Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, will be joining Jazmin at the sample sale too.  Meet the artist responsible for your Twisted Silver addiction and get a chance to touch, feel and try on your most coveted Twisted pieces.


2074 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 294-9100


January 22 from  2:00 — 6:00 pm


Moab Rocker: Recycled Vintage Landscape Art

Every year Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, releases a new version of her founding signature design, the Rocker.  The Rocker design is a charter member of Twisted Silver, going all the way back to the very foundation of the company.  Each annual Rocker is always among the most-sought-after necklaces, and this year will be no exception.

Introducing the 2011 design: Moab Rocker.

The hand-forged vintage spoon is up-cycled to forward fashion and fired for an individualized landscape art.  Inspired by the vistas seen mountain biking Slickrock in Moab, Utah, no two necklaces look exactly alike.

Eco-friendly, artistic and always the “IT” look, the Moab Rocker is of limited availability.




Fashion Desginer Jazmin Whitely Teams with Twisted to Mentor Young Girls

Press Release: Pleasanton, California January 7, 2011

Award winning fashion designer and star of MTV’s House of Jazmin, Jazmin Whitely, will be in Pleasanton to host a special event for local teen girls with Debbie Mitchell, founder and designer of Twisted Silver.  The event, called  Defining Girl Academy , aims to help enable girls to start living out their own dreams. The day will consist of activities, workshops, and speakers that will encourage the girls in attendance to embrace their individuality.

Fashion designer Jazmin Whitley at age 19 was the youngest person to show at New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park. After putting on a fashion show in high school, she received enough support from the community around her to pursue her dreams all the way to success. With two show rooms in Los Angeles, her designs can be seen all over the red carpets at events such as the MTV Movie Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the Emmy Awards. “I look for situations where I can inspire younger girls to start now in accomplishing their dreams.  This is just that kind of opportunity, ” says Whitley. Following the event the community is invited to meet the designer from 2-4pm for a sample sale at Orghipchick located on 2074 1st St. Livermore, CA.

Mitchell started Defining Girl for young women just starting to explore their passions and dreams. She says:

“Pop culture has a loud voice. It has a way of drowning out our quiet but very important inner voice. This event is geared to helping them tune into what is unique and innately different about them. This very thing is what will allow a person to have unlimited success in this world.”

Defining Girl acts as a community of women and girls who support one another and strives to inspire and encourage individuality. The community is fueled by each Defining Girl and her own, one-of-a-kind journey. Mitchell attributes her success to the fact that she had an incredible support system and she wants to give the same opportunity to the girls today.

The Defining Girl Academy will be held at the lovely Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, California on January 22, 2011. Interested teen girls are encouraged CLICK HERE for application information and to join Defining Girl. Applications are due January 14, 2011.

About Twisted Silver: Above and Beyond the Call of Jewelry; Perfectly Imperfect with earthy base metals, recycled, found objects and vintage asymmetry throughout. Uber hip Hollywood elite and the fashion world are buzzing about Twisted Silver. Wear Twisted, but be prepared. You’re gonna get asked!

About Li Cari: Designer Jazmin Whitley bring a passion and persistence to the world of couture fashion with her intricate detail and use of indulgent materials. This artist pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion precepts. Li Cari lingers on timeless and classic looks that are eternally appealing, with a modern touch influenced by her youthful and innovative personality.

Media inquiries- Tina[at]twisted-silver[dot]com


Top Ten Twisted in 2010

Happy New Year!!  The two best parts of the new year are those year-in-review lists and resolutions.  Check out the endless mixing and matching style possibilities with these the top ten most-loved, best-selling Twisted Silver designs of 2010 AND make a resolution to be effortlessly stylish.  Best of both worlds!

1.       “7″ bracelet: wear with any outfit.  Seriously.

2.       Attitude  bracelet:  pair with Old World necklace

3.       Beatnik necklace, antiqued silver: double wrap as a bracelet

4.       Diva necklace: let it take center stage, or pair with “7” bracelet

5.       Tre necklace:  Pair with Peace & Love earrings

6.       Whistle necklace: layer with Tre necklace

7.       Peace & Love earrings: Wear with “7” bracelet

8.       Karma necklace: layer with Whistle necklace

9.       Old World necklace: wear doubled (as shown) or open up for a long necklace

10.   Funky bracelet, silver: stack with Attitude bracelet