Top Ten Twisted in 2010

Happy New Year!!  The two best parts of the new year are those year-in-review lists and resolutions.  Check out the endless mixing and matching style possibilities with these the top ten most-loved, best-selling Twisted Silver designs of 2010 AND make a resolution to be effortlessly stylish.  Best of both worlds!

1.       “7″ bracelet: wear with any outfit.  Seriously.

2.       Attitude  bracelet:  pair with Old World necklace

3.       Beatnik necklace, antiqued silver: double wrap as a bracelet

4.       Diva necklace: let it take center stage, or pair with “7” bracelet

5.       Tre necklace:  Pair with Peace & Love earrings

6.       Whistle necklace: layer with Tre necklace

7.       Peace & Love earrings: Wear with “7” bracelet

8.       Karma necklace: layer with Whistle necklace

9.       Old World necklace: wear doubled (as shown) or open up for a long necklace

10.   Funky bracelet, silver: stack with Attitude bracelet



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