Fashion Desginer Jazmin Whitely Teams with Twisted to Mentor Young Girls

Press Release: Pleasanton, California January 7, 2011

Award winning fashion designer and star of MTV’s House of Jazmin, Jazmin Whitely, will be in Pleasanton to host a special event for local teen girls with Debbie Mitchell, founder and designer of Twisted Silver.  The event, called  Defining Girl Academy , aims to help enable girls to start living out their own dreams. The day will consist of activities, workshops, and speakers that will encourage the girls in attendance to embrace their individuality.

Fashion designer Jazmin Whitley at age 19 was the youngest person to show at New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park. After putting on a fashion show in high school, she received enough support from the community around her to pursue her dreams all the way to success. With two show rooms in Los Angeles, her designs can be seen all over the red carpets at events such as the MTV Movie Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the Emmy Awards. “I look for situations where I can inspire younger girls to start now in accomplishing their dreams.  This is just that kind of opportunity, ” says Whitley. Following the event the community is invited to meet the designer from 2-4pm for a sample sale at Orghipchick located on 2074 1st St. Livermore, CA.

Mitchell started Defining Girl for young women just starting to explore their passions and dreams. She says:

“Pop culture has a loud voice. It has a way of drowning out our quiet but very important inner voice. This event is geared to helping them tune into what is unique and innately different about them. This very thing is what will allow a person to have unlimited success in this world.”

Defining Girl acts as a community of women and girls who support one another and strives to inspire and encourage individuality. The community is fueled by each Defining Girl and her own, one-of-a-kind journey. Mitchell attributes her success to the fact that she had an incredible support system and she wants to give the same opportunity to the girls today.

The Defining Girl Academy will be held at the lovely Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, California on January 22, 2011. Interested teen girls are encouraged CLICK HERE for application information and to join Defining Girl. Applications are due January 14, 2011.

About Twisted Silver: Above and Beyond the Call of Jewelry; Perfectly Imperfect with earthy base metals, recycled, found objects and vintage asymmetry throughout. Uber hip Hollywood elite and the fashion world are buzzing about Twisted Silver. Wear Twisted, but be prepared. You’re gonna get asked!

About Li Cari: Designer Jazmin Whitley bring a passion and persistence to the world of couture fashion with her intricate detail and use of indulgent materials. This artist pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion precepts. Li Cari lingers on timeless and classic looks that are eternally appealing, with a modern touch influenced by her youthful and innovative personality.

Media inquiries- Tina[at]twisted-silver[dot]com



One thought on “Fashion Desginer Jazmin Whitely Teams with Twisted to Mentor Young Girls

  1. I love supporting companies that put their money where their mouth is!!! I love this–think of how many teen girls DON’T have anyone in their life to be a positive role model and mentor them. Good work!

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