A Rosie Spring Inspiration

Rosie in Twisted Silver's Sunshine ring and Creekwalk necklace. Photo credit: Scout Jarman

Today we have a special treat of a guest blogger, Rosie Jarman from Oh So Rosie.  Rosie is a long-time friend of Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, and also one of the five hand-picked bloggers for Nordstrom’s BP Fashion Board Blog.  Last fall, Rosie was selected to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University, a seminar and workshop series where she traveled to NYC to learn from fashion icons like Anna Wintour and Vera Wang.  Rosie is definitely a lady to watch, so be sure to follow both of her blogs.

But for right now, here’s Rosie with her spring inspiration and Twisted Silver faves:


I’m Rosie, visiting from my blog Oh So Rosie, and I’ve been so lucky as to get to write a little guest post for you! I’ve known Debbie for as long as I can remember in our little hometown of Pleasanton, CA, and have always admired her style but especially what a neat and kind person she is! It’s been so fun to get work with her years later now, and I love Twisted Silver and the unique brand they’ve created, so this is such a treat!

This spring I’ve been inspired by bohemian looks with a folksy twist. Part hippie, part country girl, part boho chic, I’m looking forward to wearing long white dresses in linens and eyelets with chunky hiking boots, plaid shirts, and suede details (look here for a full run-down of what I’ve been dreaming about for spring.) Luckily, this season we’ve seen a rise in maxi-length dresses or skirts and a trend in all white outfits {right in line with my spring inspiration!} Of course, a huge part of this look can be achieved only through jewelry, and Twisted has the perfect pieces to incorporate into a western-boho outfit!

I chose these Twisted pieces because of their rustic yet romantic look. I loved the Creekwalk necklace (also available as a bracelet) for its eclectic mix of rough and tumble pearls and chains, and paired it with one of my own Convertible belts (worn as a necklace) from Twisted seasons past. I also loved this Sunshine ring and mixed it with some vintage and heirloom rings of my own for a unique collection. Equestrian-like hardware in the Socket bracelet lends an interesting touch, while the pearl adorned tassle on this bangle is a neat mix between feminine and rustic metals, and ties the look together!

When wanting to create something unique and eclectic, don’t be afraid to mix your new pieces with vintage odds and ends for a completely original and inimitable look!

Other inspiring pieces that I can’t get enough of… the Cameo necklace, Whistle necklace, and Patchwork necklaces. As well as the Peace&Love earrings, Pinwheel earrings, and Belt bracelet. Last but not least my heart swoons for the Broach bracelet (perhaps my new source of summer inspiration?)

Best of Luck in your spring style endeavors!



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