Michelle Money Spotted Wearing Twisted Silver’s Wilma Bracelet

THE BACHELOR Michelle Money was spotted wearing Twisted Silver’s Wilma bracelet with Natalie Getz at Designer Sue Wong’s Fall 2011 Collection “My Fair Lady” event at the historic Hollywood Estate — The Cedars


A Twisted Spring: The Ballerina Bun

Effortlessly chic, the ballerina bun is a fixture on the runways and the red carpet — and a must for cheering in the spring season.  Messy, romantic (and super easy!) the ballerina bun is perfect for showcasing earrings of all types.  Check out “Hot in My Salon,” a featured vid on StyleList, will give you the how-to for this insta-look.

Contrast the feminine romance of the ballerina bun with edgy chain like the Horse Bit convertible (worn as a belt of necklace).  Or go the complimentary route keeping it sweet and simple with Pansy earrings or Whistle necklace.

A Twisted Spring: A Great Jacket

3/4 sleeve jackets are made for bracelets.

Really, you should always buy pieces that can be worn multiple ways, and there’s nothing that fits the bill better than a great jacket.  Whether it’s structured with military styling or a slouchy boyfriend blazer, a great jacket takes you from shorts-with-tights to skinny jeans to office skirt with a shrug of your shoulders.

Here’s the cool part: this season we’re seeing lots of 3/4 sleeves and cuff-able or push-up-able sleeves.  That means stack up the bracelets!

The jackets out there are austere-minimalist and masculine, so feminine bracelets like Broach (shown below) add a balanced contrast… and keep you away from being extra dude. Snap bracelet (shown to right) is perfect for rocker enhancement.

A Twisted Spring: Layered Neck Chains & Color-Blocking

Color blocking is the IT thing, from eye-popping jewel tones ala Katy Perry on the cover of Elle’s March issue, to a lesson in neutrals in Reed Krakoff’s leather snake skin tote.  If you’d like to ease into the trend, try wearing mostly black and white solids broken up with a print.

So what about jewelry?  Solid colors are a study in simplicity, and nothing pairs better than mixed metal chains.  Wear a layer of varying lengths.

Twisted Must-Haves: Patchwork necklace and Contessa necklace (wear it double for short, open it up for long)

Contessa as a choker

Twisted Silver Joins with Stacy London’s Style for Hire

Twisted Silver is proud to be an official retailer for Style for Hire, a new company founded by “What Not to Wear” Stacy London.  Aiming to make personal stylists available to everyone — not just the rich and famous — Stacy and her team will be personally training stylists via two-day seminars across the country.  Then the stylists, with their Stacy London-signed certificates, will bring their body-based approach to looking fabulous (and their newfound Twisted addiction!) to their hometowns.

The Twisted Silver line is now in the hands of the Style for Hire team and will be traveling to all the metropolitan workshops to be used in styling challenges by the participants.

Looking to participate in a Style for Hire workshop?  Click here for details.

Twisted Passes the Stacy and Clinton Test on TLC’s What Not to Wear

The lovely Amanda with Clinton and Stacy. Maybe this is where she dropped her Beatnik bracelet?

Mom blogger, Amanda Rodriguez, of the most epic blog “parenting BY dummies” was on TLC’s What Not to Wear this week, and she brought Twisted.  I tell ya, you have GOT to be brave to bring your whole closet to that show and bare your — everything — to Stacy and Clinton.  Much of her formerly-beloved sweat pants were heaped onto the famous trash can, but you know what wasn’t added to the pile?  Twisted Silver’s Beatnik bracelet.

Yep, you heard it, the Beatnik bracelet, one of Amanda’s prized accessories for years, made it past the Stacy and Clinton test.  But we knew it would.

The sound guys made her take it off at one point, due to it clanking on the mic (she’s a self-proclaimed “hand-talker”), and sadly she left it there somewhere on the set.  Maybe down the cushions of that red couch.  Maybe Stacy swiped it?  Either way, she went home without it.  Twisted designer Deb, touched by the story, is sending her another one to replace it along with the Classic XO bracelet to accompany her new fabulousness.

Watch Amanda in her big reveal here (fast forward to 2:42 to see the bracelet on her wrist.)

Amanda was such a good sport on the show, and she’s got this amazing sense of humor and is oh so beautiful, inside and out.  Be sure to follow her blog, especially her new Friday series “Formerly Frumpy” which will be a “shopping-tip-filled-fashion-site-reviewing-weekly-how-to-look-awesome-with-cupcake-in-hand-and-not-miss-your-afternoon-nap feature.”  While you’re at it, “like” her on Facebook too.

A Twisted Spring: Wild West

XO convertible is a Spring Must Have. Wear as a belt or statement necklace

Ralph Lauren’s Wild West runway at NYFW last fall proved that the 71 year old icon’s still got it… and this season’s going for it.  Watch for a look that is pioneer-meets-Victorian:  a feminine frontier feel that is too sophisticated to be “cowgirl”.  It’s fringe, leather, lace, big belt buckles and SILVER SILVER SILVER!

Twisted Must Have: An  XO convertible and Horse Bit convertible.  Wear either as a belt over a lacy tiered skirt, or as a long statement necklace.