Uncork Your Signature Style

The new Cork Opera length necklace arrived today and ya just gotta love the playful Julia Roberts kind of personality in this piece.  It dresses up beautifully without taking itself too seriously.  At 64 torso-lengthening and “70’s” groovin’ inches, Cork looks equally lovely double-wrapped.  Made with versatile, sustainable cork for the eco-chic greeness in you.

Yes there is a Cork bracelet (and Cork earrings coming June 7th), but designer Deb says to resist the urge to wear them together as a set.  The old rules of matchy-matchy are long gone.  Instead, uncork your signature style.  Get harmonious with cork wedge sandals that are everywhere this season, and then pair with your favorite stack of brass bracelets, especially the Classic XO and Tapestry (either the bracelet or the choker double-wrapped as a bracelet).  Cork Opera plays very well with wild tribal prints as easily as romantic lace and crochet.

Read the review by Fabulous Fun Finds


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