Geometry Turns Your Look Upside-Down

Geometry earrings arrived today to turn your look upside-down.  And believe it, sisters, there’s nothing like a little mis-match to get you noticed.  The Geometry earrings go just far enough with a beautifully balanced oval-diamond inversion.  Amazingly light weight (a scant .25 oz) and long (4 inches), Geometry will be your summer course in style school.  In fact, these are the earrings that inspired our tag line: “Wear twisted but be prepared… your gonna get asked!”

Bracelet Pairings: Contrast the bold Geometry earrings with the soft vintage feel of the Broach or Creekwalk bracelets.  Or amp the edgy simplicity with the Austin cuff or Brick bangle.

Watch this short video and see/hear what Corrine Phipps, founder and owner of the national stylist company, Urban Darling, has to say about Geometry earrings.

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