Vampire Diaries’ Malese Jow in Twisted Silver

Malese Jow (Vampire Diaries) in Twisted Silver's Phatty necklace and Broach bracelet.

Jazmin Whitley, fashion designer of the Li Cari line, styled actress Malese Jow (known for her role as Anna in the hit TV show Vampire Diaries) for a  photo shoot in Los Angeles.  Jazmin gave Malese “some alter egos to play around with” including an old hollywood glamour look complete with a vintage-inspired dresss and Twisted Silver’s Phatty necklace and Broach bracelet.

Read the full story at Jazmin’s blog here and watch the behind-the-scenes video here 

The Final Seven in Deb’s Daily Deals!

We’re down to the final seven in Deb’s Daily Deals.  It’s so great to see so many new fans — welcome!  Are you scooping up these as gifts for friends, or building up your accessory foundation?  Maybe a bit of both?  Well, here are the last 7 Deb’s Daily Deals.

Flatiron necklace 50% off on 12/13

Moab Rocker 50% off on 12/14

Peace&Love Convertible 50% off 12/15

Tokyo earrings 50% off 12/16

Peace&Love necklace 50% off 12/17

Capture necklace in silver 50% off 12/19

Eureka necklace 50% off on 12/20

A note about shipping:  

If you want your order to arrive by 12/24, regular ground shipping deadline is 12/17.   Express 2-3 day shipping deadline is 12/21 and overnight deadline is 12/23.

Holiday Hours and Shipping Deadlines

Twisted Gift Certificates available anytime

You know, getting all your holiday shopping done before Halloween just isn’t in the grand scheme of things for all of us.  No judgement whatsoever!  If you (ahem, like me) are in the waiting-to-the-last-minute boat, here are some helpful Twisted deadlines to know if you want your order to arrive by 12/24:

1.  Place REGULAR GROUND shipping orders by 12/17.  This includes if you are scooping up one of Deb’s Daily Deals and using the free shipping code “Daily Deal”

2.  If it’s 12/21, go with Express 2-3 day shipping.

3.  If it’s 12/23, go with Overnight shipping.

4.  If it’s 12/24 or 12/25, go with a Twisted Gift Certificate and print it out yourself.

Also note that the Twisted Staff will be relaxing with family for a week of holiday cheer.  No orders will ship between 12/25/2011 through 1/2/2012.  However, if there’s a Twisted crisis, Elizabeth will be checking her email and will try to respond: Elizabeth [at] twisted-silver [dot] com

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Help for the Johansens and Carters

For most of us, the holiday season is a joyous and fun time with family and friends.  Sadly, for two families close to Twisted Silver, this Christmas will be unbelievably difficult.  Our hearts go out to the Johansen’s and the Carter’s.  In this time of giving, if you have a little extra, please consider helping these two families: 

Jared Alan Johansen, husband of Twisted Silver model, Tiffany, unexpectedly passed away in his sleep early Wednesday morning November 30, 2011 at his home in Pleasanton, California.  He was 27 years old.  He is survived by his two infant daughters, 17 month old Reese and Jaclyn who is due to arrive in January.  If you feel moved to donate any amount towards the girls’ college funds, you may do so here.

Additionally, a portion of proceeds from Twisted Silver’s Bubbles bracelets (in brass or silver) will go to the Johansen family.

Ashton Carter, a boy who goes to school with Twisted staff members’ children, was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare, aggressive bone cancer in October.  Ashton went from being a happy, energetic kid who happened to have an alleged sprained knee, to a boy in pain in a wheelchair.  A tumor was found on his bone and their lives changed forever.  Ashton’s parents, Kristine and Matt, are in need of funds to offset time they’ve missed from work and for additional expenses not covered by their insurance.  If you would like to help the Carter family, you can donate here

Also, a portion of proceeds from Twisted Silver’s Capture bracelets (in antiqued silver or blackened brass) will go to the Carter family.

Please help spread the word through your social networks.  Thank you for your generosity, your thoughts and prayers.

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True Blood Gets Even More Twisted

Carolyn Hennesy in Twisted Silver's ROCKER EARTH and BEATNIK necklace

Carolyn Hennesy – the beautiful red-headed actress best known as lawyer Diane Miller on General Hospital and Barb on Cougar Town – will be joining the cast of HBO’s True Blood for season 5 as a “Texas accented vampire with big hair and big jewelry”.

Any guesses what “big jewelry” line she’s bringing to wardrobe?  You got it!  Twisted Silver’s Medallion necklace and Warrior necklace are among the many statement pieces that just may make an appearance on the show… and definitely on the set.  Carolyn’s lasting favorite Twisted combo has been the Rocker Earth layered with the Beatnik necklaces, a look that she says she “wears all the time”

Carolyn’s Twisted style will be in good company on the set of True Blood.  Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) and Lauren Bowles (Holly Cleary) both wear Twisted.

Carolyn recently had a guest appearance on Once Upon a Time as Jiminy Cricket’s con artist mom.  She is also the author of the six book young adult Pandora series.

Stocking Stuffing Daily Deals

Twisted fans are scooping up Deb’s Daily Deals like crazy… and there’s more to come!  Mark your calendars to stuff those stockings with Twisted.  Don’t forget coupon code “Daily Deal” for free shipping.  Only Santa could match that deal, and you don’t have to leave out cookies and milk for us.  But if you really wanted to, we like chocolate chip  🙂

Cork earrings 50% off on 12/6

Tag ring in brass 50% off on 12/7

Flatiron bracelet 50% off 12/8

Patchwork convertible 50% off 12/9

Mod necklace 50% off on 12/10

Flower ring 50% off 12/12